Yarn Along: Baroque Cables


I’m participating in ‘Yarn Along’ with Ginny and friends.

This week I’m very happy to announce I have finished reading ‘The 100 year old man who climbed out of a window and disappeared’. After my initial interest in the book it waned a little toward the end. I’m not ashamed to say I sped read through the last 30% of the book.

But onto new things I’m getting around to reading Stephanie Pearl Mc-Phee’s latest book: ‘The Amazing Thing About the Way It Goes: Stories of Tidiness, Self-Esteem and Other Things I gave Up On’, I’ll report on this next week. I’m still listening to Game of Thrones in moments when I don’t feel too bad about popping my earphones on whilst Damian is at home; I’ve just gotten to the part where Bran gets pushed out of the window, so really early on in the scheme of things.

I’m spinning a bit and getting down to some serious cabling in Veera’s ‘Hooray Cardigan’. If I could only knit with one designer’s patterns, Veera would be it. She suits my knitting and wearing style to a T.

This is fun, see you next week.





Photos or it didn’t happen

I’ve picked up my second ‘Use it or lose it’ project this week. I had cast-on ages ago but got side-tracked with other projects. So I’m knitting away on it on Friday night, when I look down and see this:


Really? I thought, Really? I forgot to do the cable on the front right side, about 5 rows down.

I then remembered a little blog tutorial the Yarn Harlot did, turns out I have a good memory because it was 8 years ago on how to correct a wrongly crossed cable, or in my case, no crossing at all!

And so…


Out came 5 rows of uncrossed cable…

And in came 5 newly knit rows of cable. Abet a little wonky, but with a bit more fiddling and blocking, it won’t show at all.


I’m rather pleased with myself.

This is a ‘Lose it or Lose it’ project, inspired by the Stash and Burn group. The yarn is Anny Blatt Riviere D in colour ‘Baroque’. I bought it on sale at Clegs a million years ago. 53% wool, 41% Viscose (bugger just noticed that) and 6% Polyamide (the gold thread).

Damian was with me when I was pondering the purchase at $2 a ball I thought it was a bargain (and if this works out it still is) and I remember saying back then, I like it, but I don’t know when I’ll knit with it! And here we are. It is a bit scratchy to knit with, and the gold thread certainly makes it a ‘heavy’ knit, I’m going through balls pretty quickly. It’s just as well I got 20. I think it is a good pattern / yarn match, so far so good.


Yarn Along


Well hello there, I bet you didn’t think I would be back again for this week! I’m participating in Ginny’s Yarn Along with several others including Sharon.

As some of you would have seen, I finished my Colour Affection just in time to wear to the Bendigo Show at 10pm on Thursday evening to be precise. The only problem with casting-off, was that I no longer had a project to take with me on the train to Bendigo. This was rectified by casting on for the Honey Cowl in SHIBUI Baby Alpaca. I’ve been hankering for more winter accessories in some new colours other than my usual pinks. It seems this season it’s all about blue.


Whilst I cast on at home and knit a few rows that evening to ensure I hadn’t twisted the cast-on row, it wasn’t until the train journey that I attempted to establish the pattern. Let’s just say my first couple of slip stitch rows are not perfect, but after that I managed to correct the pattern to the staggered slip stitches it needed to be.


I’ve also been spinning more frequently this week, at one point I was using 2 wheels at once, it was fantastic!


I’m still reading “The 100 year old man…”, I’m still enjoying it, but now I just want to know how it ends! Each alternative chapter is written in the present, whilst the others are written in the past, it feels like it’s building to something, I’ll be really disappointed if it’s not! Either way, I’ll be ready to start a new book next week.


Colour Affection

As part of the Little Dipper Yarns KAL for June, I cast-on for the much famed ‘Colour Affection’. It’s a great pattern!

I fear projects that are largish and have a bit of ‘plain’ knitting, and whilst Colour Affection appears to be miles of brainless knitting, I actually found it quite fun to knit. What does that say about me? ha ha ha.

There was a little bit of debate about the colours I did go with. Some felt the colours were too subtle against each other. Whilst others cautioned me about the style of increases. But I was not concerned, most people who have made a Colour Affection shawl have made more than one.

I’m so pleased with it! It got it’s first outing at the Bendigo Show. Yay for the annual parade of knits.


I’m still working out the styling for wrapping the shawl.


I weighed the remnants of my Little Dipper Yarns after casting off and it appears I have 150gms of LDY left to use on another project… sometime down the track.

I already have the yarn for my second Colour Affection project, but I think I’ll take a break from the pattern in the interim. I’m not sure that I would change the pattern method for the increases, I think Veera (the pattern designer) knows what she’s on about, she hasn’t let me down yet.

Bendigo 2014

Many years after attending my first ‘Bendigo’, that is The Australian Sheep and Wool Show, it’s kind of nice that it is still exciting.

This year I opted for the train trip up and back for the Friday. After staying the weekend for the past few years, I felt it might be time to give Damian a break, even though we’ve enjoyed every year. Limiting myself to just the day, also means I can keep a lid on things.

So I caught the 7:09am train from Southern Cross Station to Bendigo and was joined by equally excited friends. We also had a surprise friend join us, which made it even more fun!

And… I actually stayed within budget, sort of. I had no shopping list, because we all know ‘I don’t need anything’. But I still managed to find things, special things, that just had to come home with me.


Birds-eye view of the yarn: From left: Dyed by Hand: White Gum DK x 2 green hanks. Kathy’s Fibres 4 ply yarn in ‘Jewel’. Stranded in Oz Jezebel in 4 colours. Moseley Park MCN in a Neon Rainbow colour way.


Side view of the yarn


Some IxChel Camel Bunny Silk (and a pinkish braid not pictured here)


2 braids of Kathy’s Fibres BFL/Silk in her fabulous ‘Jewel’ colour way.

My train buddies said I was quite restrained, I’m not so sure. I think I came home with more than last year in terms of yarn and fibre. I love everything I got, and I hope to use some of it sooner rather than later.

There were so many highlights to the day, but mostly it was spending time with great friends and all the laughs. Congratulations to Chris for winning 2 first prizes for 2 of her competition entries. Her fabulous gradient dress was also part of the Wool Craft fashion parade at 11am. It was a wonderful moment and I’m so happy for her.

Until next year!

Yarn-along: My first week


Every Wednesday I tune in to Sharon’s blog, because I know she’s a ‘sure thing’. That is, she’ll have a new blog entry up for ‘Ginny’s Yarn-along Wednesday’. I love the idea and I love seeing what she’s up to!

I’ve been thinking this would also be a great way of bringing some regularity to my blog (perhaps, it’s not a guarantee!).

So here goes: This week I’m finishing my Colour Affection, in Little Dipper Yarns KAL. I love the subtlety of the colours I’ve chosen, it kind of makes it into a gradient. I am on the home stretch, knitting the last of the longest rows on the border. I hope to cast this off tonight so I can block it in time to wear to the Bendigo Sheep Show!




I’m still reading ‘The 100 year old man who climbed out a window and disappeared’, it’s been a few weeks now, and I’m keen to polish it off.

I’ve also started listening to ‘Game of Thrones: Book 1’ and I’m loving it! At this rate I can catch up to all the people who have read ALL of the books before season 5 on TV begins.

See you next week, maybe.


Burning a hole in my pocket

Don’t ask me how, but I had a Morris & Sons loyalty voucher land in my inbox last week. These are ‘earned’ by spending $500 over a period of time, you are then ‘rewarded’ with a $50 voucher. I tried to ignore the fact that I had this voucher, for about a week, until I could bear it no more…

I thought I would spend it on yarn that I ‘needed’ for a niece or nephew project that I didn’t possibly have the yarn for already. And then I thought screw it, it’s mine, I’ve earned it and I bought this:


I must say I am enjoying using Damian’s camera, it makes my photos look pretty without me not knowing what I’m doing. The colour is fairly true to this, it’s pretty and it’s bright, it is Manos Maxima in ‘Speeding Ticket’, good name huh?

It’s been a good fibrey week, I’ve just received my invitation to join David’s Southern Cross Fibre Club! I signed up to the waiting list more than 2 years ago. Since then I’ve tried to avert my eyes from the specially dyed fibre that the subscribers receive, to avoid the green-eyed monster. I’m now looking forward to being a part of the club and the deliciousness that’s going to arrive for me each month.

Oh and we have our new heater running and I have barely left the house all weekend. All is well.


Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 9.34.29 pm

Our heater at home is broken once again.

You may recall it was broken at the start of this winter season (it also broke down at the start of last season, but I digress). After a month of waiting for the repair man to come out, it was fixed, the repairs were not cheap. So you can understand our frustration when not 2 months later, it is broken again. But worse than that, now we are in the depths of the season. With customer service from the repairer being ‘rather poor’ on top of our ‘feed-up-ed-ness’ of laying out more money. We’re getting a new one!

I’m trying to think of the positives.

1. In the 2 evenings without heating, I have slept surprisingly well! No waking up at 2am and no tossing and turning to get back to sleep. Which leads us to believe we need to turn off the vents in our bedroom, so that we do sleep in a completely cold room. Simple.

2. Damian has worn his hand-knitted chunky hoody. He’s had to. And now he’s open to having a jumper knit for him by me, yay! Except he’d prefer a finer gauge, so that it would be worn more often… boo.

3. I need to update our blanket stash! Most of my hand knit blankies, don’t seem to be long enough.

See you again when things are a bit warmer.