Yarn Along – New Years Eve



I wasn’t able to clear the slate on my knitting/crochet projects on this final day of the year. I think that’s almost a ridiculous notion unless you’re Sharon!


I’m up to the sleeves on my Garance sweater. Turns out, it’s a pretty fast knit. At times I’ve had to put it aside unfortunately, the Habu Silk Gima is incredibly hard on the hands, making the experience of knitting with it a little painful. On the upside, I think the texture is going to be quite nice to wear… over a long sleeve shirt.


10 ‘rosettes’ of my crochet blanket are complete. I’m sewing these up as I go, so I don’t have to deal with all of the sewing up at the end. Who wants that?


I’ve cast-on Cookie A’s ‘Arrow’ socks for me. It is one of the 2 yarns I hadn’t knitted from her club in 2013. I have a small desire to get the last 2 yarns made into socks before my first shipment of sock club in February. The yarn is Tanis yarns purple label MCN. It’s beautiful…

Thank you to Christine for my lovely new project bag, a great match for my new project! I’m very lucky to have sewers in my life, because I completely suck at that.

This week I’ve been listening to Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami. I’ve read a couple of his other books, but perhaps listening to them are even more enjoyable. There are a number of stories going on, and they seem to link in some unusual way, a bit ‘tripy’, but intriguing all the same. The recording is just 19 hours.

You can see what everyone else is knitting and reading this week by visiting Ginny’s blog for Yarn-Along.

Christmas 2014

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas day, I had an enjoyable day spending it with both our families.

Christmas day highlights:

Sienna opening up her Christmas present.

DSC_5662There was a squeal. At that moment I knew I did good as an Aunty, that was the best gift.

Spending time with nephews and nieces:



And of course the usual indulgence in woolly things…


It’s not Christmas without Wollmeise…


I’d better get knitting.

Yarn Along – Christmas Eve


Welcome to another week of yarn-along! Take a look at what everyone else is up to by visiting Ginny’s blog.

It’s Christmas eve and I’m feeling a little frazzled already. Last minute, oops and I just need to do this… and, oh I need to get that… meant that today was spent running around and then shopping for something to wear tomorrow, I kid you not.

Is it really Christmas eve? I’m hoping to pop the Carols on T.V. on in a few hours and chill out. I’m looking forward to seeing my nieces and nephews tomorrow and their sweet little faces.

I’ve finally finished Outlander book 1, but before I venture into book 2, I thought I would pause and listen to Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami. I’ve also dipped back into Amy Tan’s Valley of Amazement.


I’ve been knitting a bit on Garance by Julie Hoover, in my Use It Or Lose It yarn. I’m much happier with the stockinette section of the knitting than the ribbing where the stitches look loose and wonky. I think the look of this will improve once the fabric is washed. It’s early days to tell whether or not I’m going to like this garment; but you’ll be the first to know!


I’ve also been working on my hexagons, at last count I have 9 rosettes, and another one almost ready to be sewn up. I didn’t get through as many balls as I wanted to before Christmas, but there’s always tonight.


And I’ve been spinning. This is some of Kylie Gusset’s Cormo that she kindly dyed up for me eons ago. Gosh it’s really nice to spin… I think I’ll Navajo ply it, to give it some stripes. The fibre drafts beautifully.

I hope you all have a happy and safe Christmas.


I love stay-at-home holidays. Today is the longest possible time before I go back to work and I hope to have the funnest time away from my desk.

I want to finish off the year right, knitting all the things and spinning all the things; relax; organise; cuddle babies and read…

I got my last instalment of the Stranded in Oz club in the mail this week, it is wonderful. Melissa is a very talented dyer and the nicest person to boot, passion, passion, passion. How stunning does this look?


A few weeks ago my November SCF club also arrived… another very happy mail day.


And I’ve finished my baby niece’s Wee Cria. I think it will look really sweet on her. But when to give it to her?


Now to crochet up as many Noro patches as possible for our new blanket, before Santa comes and brings another 8 balls… sound relaxing to you?


Yarn Along – Wee progress

This week I’ve been working on the first Wee Cria for my newest niece.



I’m just past the wee pockets and have purchased the wee buttons. I haven’t cast-on the second one for my older niece yet, I’m wondering whether I can sneak in some knitting for me, or whether guilt will take hold… it’s tough having cute nieces.

I’ve only got a wee bit left of the first Outlander left to listen to. I’m hoping the holidays will offer me some more time to catch up on all things.


Yarn Along – the one where I cast-on Wee Cria


So I’ve held out for as long as I possibly could. I’ve cast-on for Wee Cria in the 3-6 month size for niece C. I can’t help it. I’ve also received chest measurements for niece M to begin hers as well.

I’m making the baby size one out of Ursula’s pretty pink BFL. The larger size will be out of some Claudia’s hand painted yarn that I bought from Sf’s Urban Knitting Studio… oh about 8 years ago. Stash yarn yeah!


Now if I can whip these out in 2 weeks (hahahahaha) I can have a bout of personal knitting over the Christmas break. Here’s hoping 🙂

I’m still listening and reading the same books. You can see what everyone else is doing this week for Yarn along at Ginny’s blog.

Yarn Along – Ridiculous knitting


Summer is here and today I presented Damian with his mitts to model for me. A truly ridiculous notion to regular people, when it’s 34 degrees out. But for a Knitter and the people in her life, this is nothing out of the ordinary.



They weren’t a difficult knit, just fiddly when it came to the fingers. I also found on the second mitt that my spinning wasn’t the same thickness, the first mitt is slightly chunkier. So far D hasn’t mentioned it, perhaps with the sweat dripping from his palms he hasn’t checked things out too closely!

I don’t have a lot of other knitting to report on. With a visit to my new niece this weekend and her sleeping pleasantly in my arms, every now and again opening up her eyes for a little peek, I’m a little smitten.

Wee Cria is going to happen, I hope, does anyone know how to do magic? There will be 2 Wee Cria’s at the same time. A 6-9 month size and a 3 year old size. That gives me about 6 months to knit both in case I fall down. That’s sensible right? I’m discovering that perhaps knitting for M is a good investment of time, because at least C will get to wear my knits too.

A dismal amount of reading has been done this week on The Valley of Amazement. Mainly before work, because I’m waking up earlier than I’m physically required, so why not?

You can see what everyone else is up to this week by going to Ginny’s blog. See you next week.