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Our heater at home is broken once again.

You may recall it was broken at the start of this winter season (it also broke down at the start of last season, but I digress). After a month of waiting for the repair man to come out, it was fixed, the repairs were not cheap. So you can understand our frustration when not 2 months later, it is broken again. But worse than that, now we are in the depths of the season. With customer service from the repairer being ‘rather poor’ on top of our ‘feed-up-ed-ness’ of laying out more money. We’re getting a new one!

I’m trying to think of the positives.

1. In the 2 evenings without heating, I have slept surprisingly well! No waking up at 2am and no tossing and turning to get back to sleep. Which leads us to believe we need to turn off the vents in our bedroom, so that we do sleep in a completely cold room. Simple.

2. Damian has worn his hand-knitted chunky hoody. He’s had to. And now he’s open to having a jumper knit for him by me, yay! Except he’d prefer a finer gauge, so that it would be worn more often… boo.

3. I need to update our blanket stash! Most of my hand knit blankies, don’t seem to be long enough.

See you again when things are a bit warmer.


One thought on “Brrr

  1. I think you are totally right, sleeping without heating is MUCH better – but it is nice getting into bed in a room that isn’t an icebox first….then turn it off.

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