Sock Fibre Club 2

A number of weeks ago I received my second installment of the Thylacine Sock Fibre Club. The great thing about the club (apart from the quality of the fibre and dyeing) is Megan chooses different blends each month that have good sock-making properties. The March colourway was ‘Sunburn’, made up of 80% Superwash BFL, 10% Mohair and 10% Silk. The colour was more variegated than the first month which I really like a lot. I really enjoyed spinning this blend. I was lucky enough to score an extra 50gms from Melanie taking my total to 200gms for some super long socks.

Here are most of my singles:

Which I in turn N-plied to keep the stripes.

I spun this fibre switching between my Little Gem and my Suzie Pro, as this was the cross-over time between being ‘allowed’ to use my birthday wheel. I also took my Little Gem to a spinning session (yay, for a travel wheel) after I began using the Suzie. Anyway, the combination of these factors, as well as the fact I haven’t got myself a spinners control card, so I basically spin blind, the thickness of the 3ply does vary from 4ply to 8ply (at the most). I’m really ‘ok’ with this for now. I’ll let you know how I feel about it after I knit it up into socks. Any suggestions for patterns? I’m tempted to just go Vanilla.


I’ve been ill this last week, it only lasted a few days, but one of those days was my birthday. I don’t recall the last time I’ve been unwell on my birthday, it was a bit of a bummer really. I’m acutely aware though how lucky I am otherwise in my life, my family and my friends so I’ll get over the disappointment of being pukey on my birthday, a temporary state of being.

I have been thoroughly spoiled by everyone in my birthday week/month, I feel quite special, but a little taken aback by the gifts bestowed. Knitters do give the most thoughtful gifts (as do husbands).

Last night was my final birthday celebration for the year when my sisters and their partners came over to share in cupcakes and pizza. One of my sisters surprised me with this large vase (and she’s not a knitter).

It was lovely to catch up with my sisters on the eve of a new niece/nephew arriving into our lives. It was good to see the baby bump, (oh my god it’s really happening) I feel inspired to knit for my sister’s baby, it needs to be clothed in wool, it is a winter baby after all. I hope to cast on the Op Art blanket this week (instead of just talking about it).

Wollmeise. It’s a disease.

It has been a couple of weeks since I’ve checked in with you. The main reason is, I was pushing through on knitting Folded. I was persistent and stubborn to get it done, and I didn’t cast on a single thing until it was done. I’m so stubborn, but Folded tested me; it really was a hard slog. At times I thought it would never be finished, ever. If I even considered casting on something else, I just knew it would be doomed. I also tried to avoid Internet time-suckage activities as well… but this worked to a lesser extent.

I’m happy with how it has turned out, despite needing to alter the pattern for the girth of my arms, I also heightened the neckline. This is a jumper that doesn’t need to be worn with anything underneath, so I wanted my bra straps to get covered with minimal fuss. Thank you to my obliging husband for the photographs; it really is a test for him to photograph someone so unphotogenic! Do not argue with this, until you’ve seen the hundred photographs that didn’t make the cut, you know I’m not kidding.

In addition to finishing Folded in wollmeise (I was sewing in ends on Monday night) I’ve also been waiting for my new Wollmeise for an extremely long time, 5 weeks people! Waiting can just make me sad sometimes. It finally arrived early this week and I’ve only just picked it up today. It seemed there was some holdup with this update judging by the comments on rav, with later updates arriving weeks earlier… the circle of Wollmeise, I’m right back where I started…

The new wollmeise is described as dark grey, almost black. I can tell you I have black clothes that are greyer than these three skeins, they look black to me! Regardless, they will make something yummy, maybe a few months down the track, after I’ve knitted a few things in 8ply or heavier…






The Wollmeise waiting game

You would have thought that my Wollmeise would have shown up by now, sadly it has not. I’m going through the anticipation cycle that is Wollmeise. I’ve tried to keep the purchase far from my thoughts; but hell it’s gotta be three weeks by now!

Whilst we’re waiting for the Wollmeise, Folded IS progressing very slowly (maybe the Wollmeise knows), I’ve just begun the second sleeve. Trying on the first sleeve, the fit was looking a bit ‘firm’, so I continued increasing until the top of the sleeve. Gentle reader you know I have fat arms… ::cough:: OWLs ::cough:: Tempest, I’m not about to make another garment that doesn’t fit, I can’t put my knitting group through that disappointment, not again.

Two thoughts met on Saturday morning, my birthday is getting closer and it’s been a long time since I paid a visit to Sunspun. Since birthday yarn is exempt from stash, I figured I should take advantage of this loophole whilst I still can. Sunspun had a great selection of all the new Rowan yarns, which made me a bit sad I hadn’t planned something with more forethought before I left home. The heritage tweed colours in 4 and 8ply were divine. Not to worry, I still picked up some lovely skeins of yarn. First up: Ella Rae merino lace (more like a 4ply, just quietly), I bought two skeins so I could make a nom nom Kitman shawl or equally yummy shawl.

I also grabbed a skein of schoppel wolle Admiral. The schoppel brand is showing up in a few yarn stores around town, but this is the first time I’ve seen the admiral kind. It is made up of 75% virgin wool, 25% polyamide. And it’s 3 ply ::swoon:: if you were having kittens over my 3 plied handspun, this is probably the next best thing if you love the mixture of colours that occurs when you have 3 strands. Or you can learn how to spin 🙂

Still a few more weeks until my birthday, don’t you just love birthday month?