My Sock inventory

Recently I’ve taken stock of my collection of socks.

My current ‘wearing’ socks have actually moved into an actual sock drawer. It took some doing, I’m not sure who designed bedside drawers to just have 2 tiny drawers. With the reorganisation complete, here is my handknit sock drawer September 2021:

Now these are not all of them; there’s the five pairs that I’ve knit this year (so far) that I’m keeping separate until the end of this year (a left-over tradition of the ‘box o’ sox KAL). There’s some in the washing basket, a pair on my feet and then there’s this pile:

The repair pile, or the ‘close to threadbare’ pile, that if there’s not a bunch-of-duplicate-stitch-stitching done soon, I’ll be feeling my cold feet on the tiles. Duplicate stitch takes such a long time to do, hours per pair. But totally worth it, when I’m not ready to let go of the socks. A couple of these pairs are on their second mend. After this, they may go to sock heaven.

I’m totally chuffed with my latest pair of finished socks. They are the Picnic Blanket socks by Helen of Curious Handmade, which were part of her Sock Society this year, and the second pair of socks that I’ve knit in this club.

Quite ironic how life can reflect socks sometimes, or vice versa. For those not living in Melbourne, we are allowed to have (very small) picnics in parks. But the photo below is taken on the fake grass in my front garden!

The yarn is once again by Danni of Halfbaked Handdyed, the colour way name is Pee Wee. I think the pattern and yarn are a perfect combination. They remind me of the ‘bobby’ socks I used to wear in primary school.

I might have to start knitting more socks for other people soon…

Why Hello There!

I know, I know, it’s been a while. I’ve finished a few projects since I’ve visited last, but I don’t need to tell you, these are strange times.

My latest FO (cast-off last night) are these super fun socks. The yarn is by Danni of HalfBaked Hand dyed. The vanilla socks are knitted from mini self-striping balls of yarn that I scored as part of her Advent Calendar of 2020.

They were started many moons ago, when we were ‘holidaying’ in Kyneton, which happened to coincide with another lockdown earlier this year. But no need to talk about lockdowns, that’s not why we’re here.

I don’t believe I’ve shared my Magnum Opus (or arch nemesis), the Birkin Sweater was all finished up in Kyneton as well. I do love the look of it, but somehow the fit still isn’t correct… it’s a show piece, and not an easy to throw on jumper.

I have lots of (crafty chat) to catch you up on, but I’m going to leave it there for today. Speak soon