Yarn-along: My first week


Every Wednesday I tune in to Sharon’s blog, because I know she’s a ‘sure thing’. That is, she’ll have a new blog entry up for ‘Ginny’s Yarn-along Wednesday’. I love the idea and I love seeing what she’s up to!

I’ve been thinking this would also be a great way of bringing some regularity to my blog (perhaps, it’s not a guarantee!).

So here goes: This week I’m finishing my Colour Affection, in Little Dipper Yarns KAL. I love the subtlety of the colours I’ve chosen, it kind of makes it into a gradient. I am on the home stretch, knitting the last of the longest rows on the border. I hope to cast this off tonight so I can block it in time to wear to the Bendigo Sheep Show!




I’m still reading ‘The 100 year old man who climbed out a window and disappeared’, it’s been a few weeks now, and I’m keen to polish it off.

I’ve also started listening to ‘Game of Thrones: Book 1’ and I’m loving it! At this rate I can catch up to all the people who have read ALL of the books before season 5 on TV begins.

See you next week, maybe.


3 thoughts on “Yarn-along: My first week

  1. I’m reading the same book. I’m almost finished, but I don’t want to because I am loving it. The writing style is really engaging, and the story line captivating. Oh, Affection is gorgeous – you are soooo clever with colours.

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