Gardening for the Cat

Last night after a lovely evening out with my husband, I felt ‘inspired’ to write about my cat adventures of last week. Sadly, the internet ate my blog post, Damian blames me, but I’m sticking to my story. So here goes my attempt at re-writing it as well the second time around.

If it wasn’t Damian getting me up early recently, last Wednesday morning I was awoken by the most awful sound I’ve EVER heard. At 5:30 am on Wednesday 11th September, Purl harked up her first fur-ball. It wasn’t so much a fur-ball, more of a fur-mouse. To that noise Damian said, ‘she’s your cat’.

I was one of those cat owners who said, ‘my cat never gets fur balls, aren’t I lucky’… She just hadn’t done it yet. 10 months worth of incessant grooming was laying in a pile somewhere in my house. There was a chance I would walk into it before reaching the light switch, so I put my slippers on.

I did miss it, but the sight of what I saw will be forever etched in my memory. It did look like she had given birth to a mouse, or at least regurgitated one.

Suddenly there is a desperate need to grow some cat grass (and maybe some cat nip, Purl does get spoiled). I found a great pet store right next to a yarn store, how opportune. I planted my seeds on Sunday and now eagerly await germination. If this doesn’t work, I’m giving gardening away forever.

Patch envy

Isn’t this the most adorable picture? I totally didn’t ‘set’ this shot up. Whilst I was in the middle of packing for my crafty weekend away, I returned to my pile of clothes to find Purl had placed a mouse on my ‘packing’ pile. I don’t know if it was to signify, ‘I’m coming too’, or ‘you’re going to need this whilst you’re away’. Poor Purl, understands the meaning of a suitcase.


On my weekend away in Hepburn Springs, I went away with a whole lot of Quilters. Some of these crafters weren’t always ‘quilters’ though, it seems they’ve been converting one by one, with each subsequent visit to our weekend home. Somehow, I didn’t get the memo.

I was blown away by their projects, several of them brought multiple quilts in various stages of completion. Three of my friends are now also working on Hexagon quilts. These quilts are stitched together by hand, stitch by stitch, patch by patch. I so wish I brought mine…


Because after seeing their’s…


I had to pull mine out as soon as I got home. I’ve set myself a new goal (for my quilt project of 19 years) my quilt top needs to be finished by the next time we get away. That’s 6 months. I had forgotten that Katie and I had a little  wager (?) or was it just a little ‘hexagon-along’ with her Bee Keepers quilt.


Meanwhile, I’ve started a new little project, with patches. Only 32 to go.



The best thing about Ravelry

There are so many ‘good’ things about Ravelry, but I discovered the best thing this weekend.

I went away with my crafting girlfriends on the weekend. When I say crafting, I mean quilting, I was the only one knitting this weekend, but I digress. I took 2 projects, my new pair of socks (for a bit of car knitting) and my ‘plain and simple’ top. That’s all I took. I didn’t give myself options, so that I could maximise my time on this never-ending project. Well on Sunday, this is how much yarn I had left:


Not a lot. With 10cm still to knit of the back, faux button bands, cuffs and a rather large ribbed folded neck, I turned to the only place I had a hope of finding more of said yarn. RAVELRY! Turns out I had about 3 options from Aussie destashers, but 1 that was perfect; funnily enough I found someone who I believe may have purchased the yarn in the same month as me. Incredible! It turns out, I’ve also met this knitter in real life. It was meant to be.

Today the yarn arrived at work, wow how lucky am I? Looks to be a great match too.



Copy cat

I’m not a big copier of what my friends are knitting. I generally find I put myself under too much pressure when I’m knitting the same things my friends are. Most of them are far faster knitters than me. You hear the phrase, ‘it’s not a race Sonia’, well it is for me!

When Sharon said she was doing the Romi y4 of 7 small shawls, something inside of me said ‘I want to do that too’. Sharon’s already knit the first project, which is a bonus project. It’s an aran weight cowl. I’ve gotten so much wear out of my alpaca cowl this year, I’m going to make one too out of this hand spun. I haven’t cast-on yet, but I’ve tried the yarn on for colour. Now if I wave my magic wand …


That sinking feeling


Ever get the feeling you’re going to run out of yarn for a project? I actually cannot ever recall this happening to me. This is something that happens to other people, not me.

So I’d cast on ‘plain and simple’ late last year, believing it was only going to take me 2 skeins of Wollmeise, because that’s how much I had in my stash. Never mind the actual amount the pattern specifies. Sure I’ve made a few alterations to include some waist shaping, that’s gotta be less yarn, but probably not enough to compensate.

So nine months ago in my wisdom I cast on a 4 ply top, it’s knit to sock gauge on sock sized needles. I’m never going to do that again, you can quote me on that.


The upside is, I only have this much yarn left. Which means, I only have this much knitting left. I guess it will be a boat neck rather than the ribbed fold-down bib. I’m ok with that.

Or I can get another skein of wollmeise… and try to blend it in… and knit for another 6 months…

Tulip socks

Unfortunately there’s someone in my house who loves my socks more than me, and for all the wrong reasons.


These days I’ve taken to wearing my hand knit socks around the house with my slippers on, it is my only defence against a naughty clawing cat. I think she only wants at them because they’re on my feet. Whilst disaster has not yet struck, I figure it’s only a matter of time before she puts a hole in my socks without some protection.


As we all know, I’m a bit behind on my Cookie A sock knitting, these Tulip socks are from the April shipment of the club. Whilst I cast-on way back then, these socks were a quick, fast knit that were put on the back burner until recently. Knitting them made me realise how much I enjoy knitting charted lace socks.

Now to decide what to knit next, I have 2 club shipments to do, ‘plain and simple’ to finish, and I’m itching to cast on a cardigan (not in 4ply, or lace weight). I think I’ll spend some time pondering my stash versus my queue. hmm