Photos or it didn’t happen

I’ve picked up my second ‘Use it or lose it’ project this week. I had cast-on ages ago but got side-tracked with other projects. So I’m knitting away on it on Friday night, when I look down and see this:


Really? I thought, Really? I forgot to do the cable on the front right side, about 5 rows down.

I then remembered a little blog tutorial the Yarn Harlot did, turns out I have a good memory because it was 8 years ago on how to correct a wrongly crossed cable, or in my case, no crossing at all!

And so…


Out came 5 rows of uncrossed cable…

And in came 5 newly knit rows of cable. Abet a little wonky, but with a bit more fiddling and blocking, it won’t show at all.


I’m rather pleased with myself.

This is a ‘Lose it or Lose it’ project, inspired by the Stash and Burn group. The yarn is Anny Blatt Riviere D in colour ‘Baroque’. I bought it on sale at Clegs a million years ago. 53% wool, 41% Viscose (bugger just noticed that) and 6% Polyamide (the gold thread).

Damian was with me when I was pondering the purchase at $2 a ball I thought it was a bargain (and if this works out it still is) and I remember saying back then, I like it, but I don’t know when I’ll knit with it! And here we are. It is a bit scratchy to knit with, and the gold thread certainly makes it a ‘heavy’ knit, I’m going through balls pretty quickly. It’s just as well I got 20. I think it is a good pattern / yarn match, so far so good.


One thought on “Photos or it didn’t happen

  1. I’m glad you were able to save your cables without frogging all the way back! I use that technique myself and it’s a life saver! The yarn looks lovely in that pattern.

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