Yarn Along


Well hello there, I bet you didn’t think I would be back again for this week! I’m participating in Ginny’s Yarn Along with several others including Sharon.

As some of you would have seen, I finished my Colour Affection just in time to wear to the Bendigo Show at 10pm on Thursday evening to be precise. The only problem with casting-off, was that I no longer had a project to take with me on the train to Bendigo. This was rectified by casting on for the Honey Cowl in SHIBUI Baby Alpaca. I’ve been hankering for more winter accessories in some new colours other than my usual pinks. It seems this season it’s all about blue.


Whilst I cast on at home and knit a few rows that evening to ensure I hadn’t twisted the cast-on row, it wasn’t until the train journey that I attempted to establish the pattern. Let’s just say my first couple of slip stitch rows are not perfect, but after that I managed to correct the pattern to the staggered slip stitches it needed to be.


I’ve also been spinning more frequently this week, at one point I was using 2 wheels at once, it was fantastic!


I’m still reading “The 100 year old man…”, I’m still enjoying it, but now I just want to know how it ends! Each alternative chapter is written in the present, whilst the others are written in the past, it feels like it’s building to something, I’ll be really disappointed if it’s not! Either way, I’ll be ready to start a new book next week.


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