Wednesday WIPs – Planning

This week I’ve begun thinking about the next baby blanket I need/want to knit. Planning is my favourite part of a project!

The blanket is for my new niece/nephew due to arrive in September. Can you guess the gender of this baby?

A couple of months back I found this ‘Honeycomb’ stroller blanket pattern on the internet. I just love hexagons. What’s more, is that this blanket is an all-in-one deal. There’s no sewing patches together. I’m really tired of sewing patches together.


I also thought it would be good to use my stash yarn (hahahahaha). Turns out I didn’t have as many options as one might have thought shopping from my stash of yarn. I love the combination above though. The majority of it is vintage Jo Sharp wool DK. I’m going to use the ecru/white as the main colour, with the ‘colours’ as the hexagons themselves. It’s going to be a pretty rainbow.

I’ve begun listening to Haruki Murakami’s Colourless. And it’s interesting, his stories always are. Hopefully I can give you more of a summary next week.


I have cast on April’s shipment of the Cookie A sock club… only 2 weeks to go before the next one arrives ::gulp::

And I’ve been knitting on my Grace cardigan by Jane Richmond. The yarn is Lisa Souza’s organic merino, and I’m so in love with it. It is yarn that I bought at Stitches West and I’m so excited to have a lasting souvenir of the event.



Wednesday WIPs – ‘Winter Set’ complete, sort of

My poor neglected husband who got ‘only’ mitts last winter, in November…


Now has the matching beanie and scarf for his winter-set…



Except …

R0010708Apparently the scarf is too short to wear.

There is no more hand spun, and I wasn’t ‘allowed’ to make a cowl. Oh well there’s always next year…


Wednesday WIPs – Winter is here

This weather Melbourne has been experiencing is terrible, so terrible it’s great for Knitter’s like me. Because there is nothing outside I want to go out for. Apparently it wasn’t so bad on Sunday, I wouldn’t know, because the view from my window told a different story.

On Saturday I did venture out, and gave this lovely young man his winter vest/top. He has a bit of room to grow into it, but that doesn’t seem to be a problem for him.


The yarn is ‘Little Dipper Yarns’, and it is divine. The subtle shading in the semi-solids in a stripe pattern is so dreamy. The buttons are from Buttonmania. I seem to take my partially finished projects when I go in for assistance with buttons. I find it motivating to have all the bits and pieces for finishing by the time I finish knitting, then there is no excuse to finish a project.



IMG_1632I’ve also knit a little on Romi’s Mystery Shawl knit-along. Take note there is no spoiler alert here, because I am woefully behind. I’ve just completed clue 3, and the last clue, clue 5 was released over 2 weeks ago.

I think it’s pretty all the same, and I have enjoyed knitting it. I’m just not sure, whether I’m knitting this for me… or my mum… I could have her birthday sorted well ahead of time. I think I’ll decide once I’ve cast off.




If I sound different this week, it’s because I’ve got a sore throat and it’s bumming me out. Hopefully you’ll have chirpy Sonia again next week.

Speaking of things that are making me happy. Pip Lincolne’s new book, Craft for the Soul. I read the first few pages and I wondered whether she was writing about me!



Wednesday WIP – Bees

This week’s post is all about Bees. No I haven’t lost my mind and decided to give the Bee Keeper’s Quilt another look-in. Nor have I picked up my hexagon patchwork quilt. Nope. But I have finished listening to The Secret Life of Bees! It was a great listen and I was satisfied with the ending, I don’t want to give anything away!

My final birthday parcel arrived and it is a Bee-themed circular needle case by Chicken Boots Studio.


If it wasn’t sweet enough on the outside, the interior bee-hive fabric won me over.



IMG_1627My nephew’s Tama vest is complete, and I hope to have some modelled photos for you next week. Now back to catching up with all my other new WIPs.