Burning a hole in my pocket

Don’t ask me how, but I had a Morris & Sons loyalty voucher land in my inbox last week. These are ‘earned’ by spending $500 over a period of time, you are then ‘rewarded’ with a $50 voucher. I tried to ignore the fact that I had this voucher, for about a week, until I could bear it no more…

I thought I would spend it on yarn that I ‘needed’ for a niece or nephew project that I didn’t possibly have the yarn for already. And then I thought screw it, it’s mine, I’ve earned it and I bought this:


I must say I am enjoying using Damian’s camera, it makes my photos look pretty without me not knowing what I’m doing. The colour is fairly true to this, it’s pretty and it’s bright, it is Manos Maxima in ‘Speeding Ticket’, good name huh?

It’s been a good fibrey week, I’ve just received my invitation to join David’s Southern Cross Fibre Club! I signed up to the waiting list more than 2 years ago. Since then I’ve tried to avert my eyes from the specially dyed fibre that the subscribers receive, to avoid the green-eyed monster. I’m now looking forward to being a part of the club and the deliciousness that’s going to arrive for me each month.

Oh and we have our new heater running and I have barely left the house all weekend. All is well.

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