Some success

I have 2 new wool enthusiasts! I spent this morning showing my nieces how to make pom poms. Magically before their very eyes they made these:


Can you see the delight in their eyes?

The french knitting and the knitting with needles, was a little trickier; that was to be expected. It took me a long time trying to learn to knit as a kid and I explained that to them. We had big plans to make Dixie the duck a scarf as well as Lily’s unicorn a scarf. Guess I have some knitting to do…

Whoops and before I forget, I found this great t-shirt for Lily as part of her b’day present.





It’s happened


This is the moment every knitter dreams of. I try not to expect it or anticipate it. These things can not be forced let alone suggested, if there’s any chance.

My brother’s girls have asked me to teach them to knit. Now going through this experience once before with my niece on the other side of the family, I don’t have my hopes up.

Whilst I’ll bring along the requested needles and yarn, I’ll also take with me pom pom makers and knitting nancies. I’ll even take my hand cranking knitting tube maker. I have all these things, in preparedness for sharing the joy of yarn and making stuff with the little ones in my family.

It took me years to learn knit as a child, I found it incredibly frustrating. So I’m not expecting big things right away from a 4 and 6 year old; this is where the pom pom makers and the hand cranking knitting machine will pay dividends. The feeling of accomplishment is more important than not dropping stitches.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

Everywhere I look, Ravelry, blogs, knit nite… everyone seems to be knitting more than me. Perhaps I need to stop looking in those places to free up some knitting time.

What’s the secret? I need to know…

‘Winter is coming’

This is what I keep hearing. Sadly there are no winter-sets to speak of, let alone finished objects, I’m looking at you Still Light, oh heavens how I’ve tried. So what do you blog about when there is nothing to show?

The Latte Baby coat got some handsome buttons last week…


Purl has been extra snuggly now that it’s cold and I’m taking full advantage of that.

I finally watched the last episode of Downton Abbey season 3 whilst finishing up some spinning. Oh my word and I thought Game of Thrones was tragic. Thankfully my real life isn’t as dramatic as that, touch wood.

These 2 bobbins are now ready to ply after they’ve rested for a day or so.


Very little spinning has taken place this year as keen observers will have noticed. I can’t blame the kitten for everything, it’s just a matter of time (in my defence Purl is currently sleeping on my hands as I type). This fibre comes from 2 Bendigos ago. They are EGMTK beastie blends with merino, bamboo and silk. I can’t wait to see them plied, as I imagined them 2 years ago.

As well as winter coming, so is Bendigo Show… and possibly a blip in the yarn diet. Whilst I still haven’t purchased any yarn since NY, this came into my possession this week, who says you can’t receive gifts outside your birthday month?


Thank you Teopea! It was a very sweet surprise.

Back to knitting, if I have the heart to wake Purl up…


The Latte Baby Hoody



This week I’ve worked solidly on this baby hoody for a co-worker. It’s missing some buttons, but I hope to rectify that in the next couple of days. So far, I’m thrilled with the result! The pattern was well-written and clever, not a seam in sight. The knitting began at the very top of the hood section using Judy’s Magic cast-on… clever huh?



… and do you recognise the yarn?



The yarn was left-over from making my Silvi Coat, Cleckheaton Country Wide. I managed to locate a little over 5 balls. I was rapt to have put them to good use, but I wish I had just one more ball. I had to skimp on 2 rows in the woven band and I had to forego a pocket. Boo hoo. But alas I don’t think it’s a major tragedy.

Now back to Still-light… still going. It’s times like these I wish I had a magic wand.