Maybe? When I sign up for things, I never think I won’t be able to stick to project deadlines, my thoughts are how E-X-C-I-T-I-N-G-! Which of course is not very realistic when it comes to meeting said timelines. But are timelines, really timelines when it’s all for fun? Well, some of it is anyway, and my undertaking of a Spinning Certificate at the Hand spinners and Weavers Guild of Victoria is a bit more serious than my other project goals, but still fun…

Let’s just put my current goals here, so that I might stop signing up for more things…

– Stay on top of my Spinning ‘homework’ for my certificate

I live in a house of fluff right now

– Knit Mum 5 pairs of socks this year

I cast on the third pair (haven’t finished the second pair yet) for some simple plane knitting on my last trip

– Knit the Magnolia Bloom Tunic for the Richmond Knitter’s Bendigo KAL

So far I’ve only knit on this at knit night. I just know if I only worked on this, it would be done in 2 weeks, it’s just sooo chunky!

– Participate in the Nimue CAL … yep this one might have been the straw that broke the camels back.

I’m clearly obsessed with this… and with just Clue 2 in, I’m already behind. But how much fun is crochet and learning new things?!

I still think all of these things are very achievable in somewhat the allotted time! Some of my timings are flexible and others really are not. Thank goodness for long weekends.