One for me, one for Marilyn


I dare not look on Ravelry to confirm that my over the knee high stripy socks have taken me two months to knit. That’s a lot of knitting time, that’s a lot of time knitting the same thing. Have I proven my discipline or my insanity? Maybe both, and a whole lot of perseverance, read: stubbornness.

I went as far as winding up my wollmeise skeins to make ‘plain and simple’ by Veera, a 4ply short sleeved top this afternoon. And then I paused. I need to knit something fast, I need to win at knitting, because those socks nearly got the better of me.

I dived into my ‘Marilyn’ bag of wool. I’ve set aside some small lots of yarn in pretty colours. I found some sentimental yarn. Apart from it being in my all time favourite colours, it is yarn that I purchased at my LYS when I lived in San Francisco. The moment in time that feels like a dream to me now. I can’t think of a more deserving recipient. I hope I can do the yarn justice.


Stripy stripy

I know I’m not alone in my love of stripes. Stripes when translated in yarn = fun!  Stripes and socks = the bees knees; that is probably why I have so many skeins of stripy sock yarn, the epiphany of mindless knitting.

Here’s a few balls from my stash.

After I’d taken the photo, I could see another 5 balls just staring at me.

I joined the Vesper Sock Club recently. This is a hand painted stripy sock club. It’s been quite a bit of fun to receive ‘surprise’ stripy sock yarn in the mail and the Hershey Kisses are a nice little bonus.

During the Morris & Sons sale last year I picked up a bag of 5 Patonyle striped balls. I thought a-ha, I can make super long socks with this! Well it has taken quite some time to knit two very long socks, it’s almost a 4ply sweater’s worth of knitting! I’m almost there, just. I felt the knitting mojo die right before the first sock was even finished. But, I kept going and now all of a sudden I’m about to commence the rib cuff section on my second sock!

The ribbed section at the top, is going to scrunch up around my knee, I don’t have super skinny thighs! I haven’t decided what to do with the remaining 3 balls. I could destash… but I actually really like this colourway and I love Patonyle, so it may just marinade in the stash for a while.