Wednesday WIPs – Purple

Hi there, it’s been another busy week around here. But being busy is good. I popped my head up and realised we’re half-way through the year already.

Despite this there has been time for knitting. I’m still working on my Cookie April socks, I’m onto the second one and loving the basketweave pattern. It’s so simple and squishy, I love it. At the time of writing this, my next shipment of Cookie A sock club has not arrived, so in my mind I’m not behind!

I’ve also done some more spinning this week…


Whilst watching Susan B Anderson’s latest video cast.


It is IxChels Cashmere Fling. So lovely…




I received ‘thank you’ eggs from the chooks for my knitted vest this week. A whole dozen!


I’ve finished listening to Colourless by Haruki Murakami. I really enjoyed it. I’m now listening to The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt. So far, it’s great! Do you have any audio book recommendations?




Wednesday WIP – Cookie’s Xeriscape socks

On the eve of receiving my next Cookie A instalment of sock yarn and patterns this week, I picked up the single cuff I had knit in the Agave pattern (April’s pattern). I went to begin the leg pattern of twisted stitches. I then discovered I had knit one part of the cuff wrong, deciding I could ignore a column of purls that were supposed to be knits, I began the leg. I have to say, it’s probably my ‘busy-ness’ at the moment that made me give up on those twisted stitches. I was not enjoying them at all. And the fact the cuff had a mistake, sealed it’s fate.

I ripped it out and cast on for the easier but still very attractive Xeriscape socks. Why didn’t I do that in the first place?! I’m enjoying knitting my first sock so much that the doom of having the next parcel arrive is not a big deal. Sometimes easier is better.


The yarn is Mrs Crosby Sock, it is 100% wool, so I am knitting the sole of my foot on 2mm needles to tighten them up a little. The yarn itself is quite tightly spun, so I’m optimistic that these socks will last…

I’m listening to Colorless by Haruki Murakami. I have discovered a new time in my day to listen to my audiobooks, which is making me very happy. Audiobooks are the best! I’m enjoying the story and find the parallels between this and Murakami’s other books interesting, particularly when it comes to dreams.

Thursday Catch-up

I thought I might catch-up in pictures. It’s been a few weeks and before the silence gets too long I just wanted to say ‘hi’ this is what I’ve been doing.

Secret Knitting business for a Richmond Knitter…


It involved cake and cupcakes and Girl Guide cookies…



I inspired my colleagues to make Pom Poms (as you do). Someone made the largest one, it’s the size of a rockmelon! I thought that was meant to be the pom pom maker size for a hat topper, I guess not…


I helped Ursula on her stand at the Handknitters Guild Annual Yarn and Fibre Fair. It was fun being an enabler for once!



I went away for yet another crafty weekend…


I did some knitting and left the quilting to the quilters



Then Jo showed up with goodies from the Red Beard Bakery.

A weekend progress shot of my Grace Cardigan. (I’m now up to the sleeves!)IMG_0585

Damian’s been making some outstanding food at home, and dessert…IMG_0602

I knit a chook sweater, but the chook didn’t want to wear it…IMG_0604

I attended a Crafternoon, my last one for a while with a very special Knitter.


We presented her with a blanket the group had made. Ahh… such sadness, and happiness for the amazing friends made through knitting.


Our best blanket yet I think…