The Anticipation

I love surprises, especially when I’m making the surprise. There’s the whole ‘don’t let the cat out of the bag’ part. The planning, the deciding, the satisfaction of making something special for a special person.

So when ‘someone’ in my knitting group announced she was having a baby and then very graciously said, you don’t have to make me a group blanket because I’ve got several already made… it only made the surprise more of a surprise! Challenge accepted.

“Ok (insert name here), you don’t need a baby blanket, but have you made the Monster pants yet?!”, was the thought I had in my head, of course I didn’t say it out loud, that would ruin the surprise…

I made the monster pants once again for a most awesome gal. In colours I know she’ll love, I made one improvement on my last pair. The pants have a waist band. Poor Marilyn’s pants have started sliding down now that she crawls. The band can be adjusted as well, with a bit of unpicking.

I can’t wait to give them to her tomorrow, after which this blog entry will be published, I wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise.

There will also be several other surprises given tomorrow by other members of the group. It’s going to be a squee fest.



237,565.8 metres


I said I wasn’t going to do it, (and I was backing out after my last blog post, thanks for your encouragement Belinda!). But I have done it and it’s taken all my weekend and strength to do it. Once I asked myself the question, ‘how much yarn do I have in metres?’, it’s a question I needed answered.

A lot, was not a good enough answer for me. It’s not that I’m going to do anything with that figure. Despite the fact you’re probably all disgusted with this achievement (!) I don’t plan on going on a yarn diet. My feelings toward my stash have not changed, except to say I’m happy to know exactly what I have, give or take (who are we kidding, give/give) a few thousand yards, for left-overs not counted; odd balls of cotton not counted; handspun not counted; let’s be reasonable here, I wanted a ballpark figure and I have it!

My yarn database on Ravelry will make project planning so much easier, I’m looking forward to utilising Ravelry this way. Can you believe they still don’t make us pay to use the site?

Unfortunately some of the photographs are a bit dark… once I started, I didn’t want to stop, and I hate using flash. Whilst I like having nice photos, my priority was getting it done as quickly as possible. 

What did you do with your weekend?



This weekend, I was a hermit crab. Well not one literally, but I stayed indoors for most of the weekend. I baked, I knitted and I listened to a back-log of Stash & Burn podcasts.

So inspired by Nicole on Stash & Burn, I’m seriously considering cataloguing my stash in it’s entirety on Ravelry, photos, yardage, the lot. I want to know, how many yards do I have? and how does it compare to serial stashers?! Have I reached SABLE (Stash Acquired Beyond Life Expectancy)?

Then again, I may be better off blissfully unaware.