Onward and upward

I cast-on a pair of flying saucer socks this week. They’re called flying saucer socks because of the way the colours pool. ‘Pooling’ in socks is not always welcome, just ask poor Melanie. I purchased the yarn from Morris and Sons in town, in probably the only colourway I think I could wear, even if it’s just around the house. They are a little hideous, but they are pink and green none-the-less.

My next sweater project is going to be ‘Folded’ by Veera Valimaki. In fact every sweater project this year is going to be one of her designs, I’m sure of it. I love her design sensibilities, I love the wearability and most of all, her designs are mainly knit in one piece. So it means I’m casting on another 4ply jumper on the tail of Tempest failure (lets just call a spade, a spade). I’m a little nervous and hurt, but I’m going to get back on the horse. Wish me luck.