Taking stock

An unexpected benefit of being a kitten owner, is discovering yarn stash I forgot I had!

With each day Purl is getting craftier, but so am I. She is climbing higher, trickier obstacles, and this is without having her kitten play gym (it’s on order). This has called for at least the next level of stash shelf to be bagged up in zip locks. Whilst it makes me a bit sad as it likens my yarn shelf to a yarn store that is wrapped in plastic, I know it’s for the best. Amazingly, you can also get more onto a shelf if it’s bagged up, another plus.

I found some treasures from my time in San Francisco. Some Drops alpaca, purchased after taking a lace knitting class at Greenwich Yarn and some Mountain Colours Barefoot in a delicious red. It has also meant I’m ‘doing away’ with some more yarn. If it’s not ziplock worthy, then it’s not worth keeping.

The most important thing I learnt this week was, apparently the secret to getting cuddles from Purl, is to totally ignore her. Thanks for the tip Damian.




Sorry for the blog silence. I’m exhausted. After a rather happy and fun first week with Purl, Purl got a little ill last weekend. I took her to the vet, it wasn’t anything serious, I’m not really sure what it was or what caused it. But it was traumatic for me, traumatic for her, thermometer anyone? And quite frankly the stress of being a parent kicked in.

I knew she was well again yesterday after she was being very very naughty. Her eye is almost right but not quite, I’ll stop worrying when I stop having to put ointment in her eye.

On top of that, she is having trust issues. She’s due for more vaccinations next week, awesome!

Right now she’s sleeping in her favourite spot. Sweet dreams little trouble-maker. Knitting time.


Presents for everyone (except Damian)

A parcel arrived for me today, I was momentarily unsure what it was, my squishy packages don’t normally come in boxes. Nevertheless, I thought I’d wait to open it with Purl, so that she could share my excitement. And she didn’t disappoint.




The yarn is some delicious Vesper sock yarn from a recent update, I forgot I’d also ordered the solids for the co-ordinating heel and toes. This is one of the last frivolous buys purchased before I became a parent. I won’t lie, there’s more on the way. Pass me some ziplocks.


I was tired this morning, so was ‘Purl’ (this is her current name, thanks for all your suggestions, I just didn’t think it would be this hard!).

I went into the living area and couldn’t find Purl. Then I got on my hands and knees and found her nestled beneath my yarn shelf. Yes, the yarn shelf. Where the two lower layers have yarn and fibre bagged up in ziplocks. I ran out of ziplocks. So far the yarn and fibre is safe, a pillow case is covering my wheel (apparently some cats like to chew on the Majacraft drive band). So far there hasn’t been an avalanche of bags falling off the shelf. So far so good. But I haven’t pulled my knitting out yet.

We played and played and played last night. I was a little afraid she would be expecting the same this morning. Thankfully she was too tuckered out to come out from under the shelf, I think she’s a night owl. Currently she is banished to the front of the house, mumma has to have her rest.

Leaving home this morning, I felt different and responsible and happy to have such a lovely kitten. Hopefully she’ll stay this way.

Here are some first photos that Damian took of her tonight.

Please no photos
Please no photos




I bet you were never expecting to see a photo of a kitty cat on my blog! Nor was I. I’ve crossed over. I’m now a knitter with a kitten… She’s lovely…hb hb b. my. Sorry that was her, doing some typing.

Back to what I was saying, she’s ghhnn hhubkngentle


I need some name ideas please.

Hope to return to a knitting schedule soon.

Knitting is comfort

We’ve had some extremely hot weather lately, then this morning as I headed for the door it started raining. Unconsciously I grabbed my knitting bag to take with me to work. I don’t know why? I don’t knit at work, not even at lunchtimes. But somehow the rain made me do it.

So I went with it. If there was a blackout or if I got stuck in a lift, I’d be prepared totally! I’m an optimist too. Unfortunately none of those things occurred today.

I have some pitiful progress shots for you. Firstly my new Lacey socks… did I mention they have bobbles on the cuffs, lots of the little b&$!@r)$. Once I pass these it should be smooth sailing.


And here’s my Still Light so far. I haven’t gone gang busters on it yet. Without Louisa around what’s the hurry?! I’ll get cracking on it soon though, because it will be very unfun if she gets too far ahead of me!


I was bored


I’ve cast on another project.

I needed to.

Reasons why:
Plain and Simple top: stocking stitch
Vesper socks: stocking stitch
Still Light tunic: stocking stitch

I know you’ll understand.

Whilst I was pondering that other sock club yesterday, I came across a sock designer I hadn’t seen before, and was immediately attracted to a couple of her patterns. The designer’s name is Star Athena (I’m sure she’s an astrologist?!) and the socks that said ‘knit me, I’m yours’ was Anna Jarvis socks. Cute huh?

Sunday arvo, I wound up some sock yarn Ursula dyed for me. I was her first real order, and I’m claiming it when she’s rich and famous. Hurry up and open an etsy store already!

Don’t get me wrong, I love a bit of mindless knitting, but it seems I have piles of it and needed a break. I feel happy and content that I’ve liberated my knitting. Spontaneous cast on is fun, I’ll face the consequences later…


My blank canvas

I’ve taken the Christmas tree down today. That’s it, another year has finally begun. I feel as though my holiday time has past extremely quickly and I’m feeling a little sad about it. But I don’t feel like the new year has begun completely, as normal things have not resumed, apart from work. Best friends are still on holidays, favourite restaurants are shut, and there is absolutely nothing to watch on TV. Thank god for iTunes.

When I put up the tree this time around, it wasn’t with as much vigour as I’d hoped. And I know why. Same tree, same decorations, same lights and same star topper. The same as it’s been for the past many years, I cannot remember.

This year is going to be different. Whilst my tree doesn’t need replacement (I’m told otherwise, apparently you no longer have to peg in individual branches!), but my decorations certainly do. My tree needs heart. It needs handmade decorations. I have a dozen queued on Ravelry from long ago, so this is to be the year. I took a photo of my naked tree, without the decos and I’m hoping this will serve to be my inspiration and hopefully they’ll be made before December.


Oh what fun!


I’ve knit my very first Vesper Sock Club sock, singular. I really had fun knitting this and now I get to do it all again when I cast on my second sock, which is right now.

I’m really pleased about how the solid cuff, heel and looks so much so I’m considering doing this with the other stripy sock yarns I have.

Speaking of sock clubs, I almost had a moment of insanity this morning. The Blue Moon Fiber Arts sock club memberships went on sale today. After much pondering, I decided I couldn’t possibly join another club this year, no matter how much I love sock yarn. There are limits you know!

The Still Light along has indeed begun… I wonder where Louisa is up to?