Wednesday WIPs – Niece cuddles

I’ve met my newest, latest, freshest niece!DSC_7236

And I’m already pretty in love with her.DSC_7241

I’m sure she’s going to love me too…

One day, but maybe not today. IMG_1771

I’m playing catch-up with my Cookie A sock club socks, if I can just get these ones finished tonight…

Then I’ll just have these to do before my next parcel arrives in about 2 weeks…
IMG_1773That’s do-able right?

I’ve been listening to How to Kill a Mocking Bird read by Sissy Spacek. I’m enjoying it very much, no spoilers please, I don’t know how it ends…  I hope it’s happy.

Wednesday WIPS and a Baby FO

Today I was going to talk to you about the six pairs of socks I darned last weekend…


It took quite some time…


And I began to realise why I’m a knitter and not a sewer.


Because knitting is so much funner. (Can you see the knitting-in nylon holding it together?!)


But then after a day and a half of darning… it was like I made 6 pairs of hand knit socks, I guess that was time well spent.IMG_1759

But more excitingly I have to tell you my niece arrived today. I got to the point where I thought she was never going to arrive!


Just in time to sew on 2 teeny tiny buttons on to the  Joey cardigan, then a wee visit and a cuddle with my 9th niece / nephew.

I’m pretty excited about that, and I didn’t even have to do anything!




Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 6.57.21 pm


Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 6.57.57 pm


Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 6.56.40 pm


Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 6.59.59 pm

Are you in or are you out?

I have massive FOMO as many of you are aware, I was on the fence about joining up, (because I’m not actively buying yarn at the moment haha), then Sharon said she was in and then I had to. I hope Sharon doesn’t decide to jump off a roof or anything…

Wednesday WIPs – Joey

My new baby niece is still biding her time in her mother’s belly. Turns out, not all baby girls in my family arrive early…


I’m hoping to finish off Joey, which I cast-on in Georgie Hallam’s class at the weekend, over the next night or two. I’ll have my fingers-crossed I can get the underarm of the second sleeve just as perfect as the first using Georgie’s nifty techniques. She was a great teacher, so organised and generous and I happen to love her designs for kids and babies.


My Opal socks have had a few rows added to the leg of the second sock. As a mindless knit, it was the perfect project to take away on a weekend of chatting, where my lace projects barely made an appearance.


I managed to get enough seams together (with help from a few safety pins) to get the crochet blanket off the floor. It’s going to be manageable now to be able to sew the remaining seams from the comfort of my lounge chair.

I finished listening to Haruki Murakami’s What I talk about, when I talk about running, I really enjoyed it, it makes me want to run! I’ve also begun listening to To kill a Mocking Bird, I’ve never had the pleasure of reading it, so I’m looking forward to finding out what the fuss is all about.



The Craft Sessions 2015

I’ve just arrived back from attending The Craft Sessions 2015. This is the third year the weekend has run, but it was my very first time to attend. I felt very lucky to have scored a spot, especially after finding out the event was a sell-out within 2 hours of the registration opening.

Whilst I couldn’t convince any of my friends to join me on the weekend, I need not have worried… everyone was super friendly. I met a whole lot of new crafters, boy did we have a lot to talk about!

I’m so inspired by the entire weekend, I feel like casting on EVERYTHING, and of course finishing everything. I can hardly wait to see what classes will be held next year…

One more sleep!


One more sleep until it is  Craft Sessions weekend, boy am I excited! Sign-up was so long ago, but wow how time has flown!

I’ve crammed in my homework in the last week, as you do.

• I’ve knitted a 25cm (squarish, not really square) stocking stitch swatch for my Darning class with Jules a.k.a. Wollenflower; one guess what I’ll be doing with that swatch?! I’m also going to take along some socks that need darning, no moth holes here, just good-old fashioned wear and tear.

• I had to swatch for Georgie Hallam’s class The Beauty of Circular Yokes, I’ve selected my yarn and swatched on Monday night at the Richmond Knitter’s knit night.


The class project is to knit a baby circular yoked cardigan, just the thing for a niece that is due to arrive at any minute.

• My 3rd class is with Jules, where I’ll learn how to knit for Speed and Comfort. Because we all need to know how to knit faster… I didn’t need to do any homework for this class!

Now I just need to pack and decide what projects to take with me outside class hours. Do I take my spinning wheel? Or is 4 WIPs enough?

Wednesday WIPs – Putting it together

I started laying out my patches of hexagons on my living room floor on the weekend, I just wanted to have a ‘play’ I hadn’t put them all out in a while. Mind you I still had 4 balls of patches left to make….


Or did I?


As I was laying it out, I wondered whether my first plan was the correct one. That is 4 x 5 rosette patches rather than 5 x 5 rosette patches. My reassessment had nothing to do with the fact that there was still 4 balls of Noro staring me in the face. But the blanket was fairly square at 4 x 5, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


I continued laying out all the patches with the single and half hexagons which filled in the gaps.

Sewing it up has been strenuous work, a real ‘work-out’ in my living room. Oh how I wished I had the foresight of inviting a few Richmond Knitters over to give me a hand! I was sewing all day long, until my body just said no more. There’s still plenty more seams to sew before I can get it off the floor.

I’m going to use the 4 remaining balls for the border… and huzzah! I won’t need to buy anymore yarn!

I’ve begun listening to Haruki Murakami’s ‘What I talk about when I talk about running’, I’m really liking it. I’m taking a little break from Anne Tyler’s ‘A spool of blue thread’, even though I’ve listened to most of it. I’m sure I’ll get back to it, but for the moment I’m finding the underlying theme of getting old and dying a little depressing.


Wednesday WIPs – A weekend gathering

This weeks post is brought to you by a social knitting gathering at a friend’s home, where there were several WIPs in progress other than my blanket.


There was a baby blanket…


Another long-term blanket of squares, there was crochet bowls and crochet washcloths (not pictured)


Of course there was food…IMG_1074

And my hexagons.


Only 5 more balls to go, or (just!) 50 hexagons to make before I start the arranging and then sewing.

I’m still listening to Anne Tyler’s A Spool of Blue Thread, it’s not a favourite, I even thought about pulling the plug on it. But I’m hanging in there for a little while longer.

Pattern Consumption

Apart from yarn consumption, there’s another consumption I indulge in and it doesn’t take up any room in my house whatsoever. The digital knitting pattern.

It’s been a little while since the last ‘Knit-along e-book’ has popped up on Ravelry, or at least knit-along e-books by my favourite designers. The thing that I love most about them as compared to just a single digital knitting pattern, is the slow release of a pattern or set of patterns. It’s the surprise element, and if you know the designer well-enough, you know you are not going to be disappointed by what comes after the initial pattern release. That’s always good. The anticipation and the joy!

So I was fairly excited to see Ysolda has just released the first pattern in Knitworthy 2. I signed up for Knitworthy 1 last year and all the patterns were wonderful… even though I’ve only made the first pattern thus far…

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 9.12.26 pm

I’m sort of on hiatus from buying yarn for a little while, but buying a pattern e-book is not going to hurt anyone!

What I love most about a knit-along e-book collection is the dreaming… of a new pattern, or pattern clue (in the case of a mystery knit-along), every week or fortnight. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Whilst its fair to say I have not knit most of these patterns, I certainly have dreamed about them, have thought about what yarn I would use from my stash, and who I possibly would be making the item for. I always have the intention of joining in and keeping up with the knit-along, but stuff just happens. Babies are born, birthdays arrive and before you know it, it’s Christmas.

So who’s with me, who’s casting on for Liebevoll? Mental cast-ons begin now.