I bet you were never expecting to see a photo of a kitty cat on my blog! Nor was I. I’ve crossed over. I’m now a knitter with a kitten… She’s lovely…hb hb b. my. Sorry that was her, doing some typing.

Back to what I was saying, she’s ghhnn hhubkngentle


I need some name ideas please.

Hope to return to a knitting schedule soon.

11 thoughts on “Pretty

  1. One suggestion is Turtle, shorten version of tortishell.


    Zimmie, after Elizabeth Zimmerman or my spellchecker likes zombie lol

  2. Ah, it happens to all of us, sooner or later. Succumb to the power of kitty-cat rays! Welcome on the other side.
    The little one is adorable. And she looks like a Maddy to me.

  3. She is very cute and I love her long whiskers too. I think she looks like a Mabel but I am sure you will think of the perfect name for her.

    sorry, i’m a little excited and also GUTTED that i can’t come and play with her!!!!
    also realised today that i’m not subscribed to your blog… wtf?
    have remedied that!

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