My blank canvas

I’ve taken the Christmas tree down today. That’s it, another year has finally begun. I feel as though my holiday time has past extremely quickly and I’m feeling a little sad about it. But I don’t feel like the new year has begun completely, as normal things have not resumed, apart from work. Best friends are still on holidays, favourite restaurants are shut, and there is absolutely nothing to watch on TV. Thank god for iTunes.

When I put up the tree this time around, it wasn’t with as much vigour as I’d hoped. And I know why. Same tree, same decorations, same lights and same star topper. The same as it’s been for the past many years, I cannot remember.

This year is going to be different. Whilst my tree doesn’t need replacement (I’m told otherwise, apparently you no longer have to peg in individual branches!), but my decorations certainly do. My tree needs heart. It needs handmade decorations. I have a dozen queued on Ravelry from long ago, so this is to be the year. I took a photo of my naked tree, without the decos and I’m hoping this will serve to be my inspiration and hopefully they’ll be made before December.


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