I was bored


I’ve cast on another project.

I needed to.

Reasons why:
Plain and Simple top: stocking stitch
Vesper socks: stocking stitch
Still Light tunic: stocking stitch

I know you’ll understand.

Whilst I was pondering that other sock club yesterday, I came across a sock designer I hadn’t seen before, and was immediately attracted to a couple of her patterns. The designer’s name is Star Athena (I’m sure she’s an astrologist?!) and the socks that said ‘knit me, I’m yours’ was Anna Jarvis socks. Cute huh?

Sunday arvo, I wound up some sock yarn Ursula dyed for me. I was her first real order, and I’m claiming it when she’s rich and famous. Hurry up and open an etsy store already!

Don’t get me wrong, I love a bit of mindless knitting, but it seems I have piles of it and needed a break. I feel happy and content that I’ve liberated my knitting. Spontaneous cast on is fun, I’ll face the consequences later…


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