Taking stock

An unexpected benefit of being a kitten owner, is discovering yarn stash I forgot I had!

With each day Purl is getting craftier, but so am I. She is climbing higher, trickier obstacles, and this is without having her kitten play gym (it’s on order). This has called for at least the next level of stash shelf to be bagged up in zip locks. Whilst it makes me a bit sad as it likens my yarn shelf to a yarn store that is wrapped in plastic, I know it’s for the best. Amazingly, you can also get more onto a shelf if it’s bagged up, another plus.

I found some treasures from my time in San Francisco. Some Drops alpaca, purchased after taking a lace knitting class at Greenwich Yarn and some Mountain Colours Barefoot in a delicious red. It has also meant I’m ‘doing away’ with some more yarn. If it’s not ziplock worthy, then it’s not worth keeping.

The most important thing I learnt this week was, apparently the secret to getting cuddles from Purl, is to totally ignore her. Thanks for the tip Damian.



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