Oh what fun!


I’ve knit my very first Vesper Sock Club sock, singular. I really had fun knitting this and now I get to do it all again when I cast on my second sock, which is right now.

I’m really pleased about how the solid cuff, heel and looks so much so I’m considering doing this with the other stripy sock yarns I have.

Speaking of sock clubs, I almost had a moment of insanity this morning. The Blue Moon Fiber Arts sock club memberships went on sale today. After much pondering, I decided I couldn’t possibly join another club this year, no matter how much I love sock yarn. There are limits you know!

The Still Light along has indeed begun… I wonder where Louisa is up to?


6 thoughts on “Oh what fun!

  1. I’m two timing with a sock too! Although I’ve only just turned the heel of my first sock.
    I’m trying to get my December Cookie A socks done before the first instalment for next year.

    As for my still light – I’m about half way through my raglan section, but still have to go back and do the neck band once I’ve finished with my new neckline. A bit crazy but I think it will work.

      1. We’re only back on the 20/1. We’re going to go swelter in Adelaide for a bit before heading back :-/

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