I was tired this morning, so was ‘Purl’ (this is her current name, thanks for all your suggestions, I just didn’t think it would be this hard!).

I went into the living area and couldn’t find Purl. Then I got on my hands and knees and found her nestled beneath my yarn shelf. Yes, the yarn shelf. Where the two lower layers have yarn and fibre bagged up in ziplocks. I ran out of ziplocks. So far the yarn and fibre is safe, a pillow case is covering my wheel (apparently some cats like to chew on the Majacraft drive band). So far there hasn’t been an avalanche of bags falling off the shelf. So far so good. But I haven’t pulled my knitting out yet.

We played and played and played last night. I was a little afraid she would be expecting the same this morning. Thankfully she was too tuckered out to come out from under the shelf, I think she’s a night owl. Currently she is banished to the front of the house, mumma has to have her rest.

Leaving home this morning, I felt different and responsible and happy to have such a lovely kitten. Hopefully she’ll stay this way.

Here are some first photos that Damian took of her tonight.

Please no photos
Please no photos


7 thoughts on “Purl

  1. Oh my goodness, you’ve got a kitten! She’s gorgeous. Congratulations! I was going to say Purl but I’d also find it hard not to call her Calico Cat. (is she a calico or tortoiseshell?) There’s a cat on my way to the station that I say ‘Hello Calico Cat’ to. Our Tiger was tortoiseshell but she had some litter mates with white on them.

  2. Love the name and she’s beautiful!

    My cats love to take naps on my knitting but I find the dog does far more damage. He likes to chew up balls of yarn. One night I came downstairs and found him tethered to the coffee table. There was yarn everywhere and he managed to tie himself up with it.

  3. She is so cute. I like her name too. We have 2 little kittens, both 4 weeks old at the moment and they have found they can run around like crazy and start to crawl too. I am a bit worried about my knitting but so far they havent touched it. I might have to keep an eye on Henry though as he is really curious and active.

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