It’s good to be home and back down to earth, the jet-lag got me this week and indeed is still kicking my butt.

The yarn shopping has been unpacked and packed into and around the yarn shelf. Yep, I can’t ignore it any longer, I need to go on a yarn diet, or as I prefer to say, shop the stash. I honestly believe my yarn stash is the best yarn store a girl can have. It only has awesome yarn in it.

I think Purl is happy to have us home as well. She was a few kilos heavier when we got back, but I think she’s already worked it off. As my MIL said, she’s not going to be a big cat. She must have force fed her?! Her whole bag of treats are gone…

I was so exhausted on the flight back, I didnt even pull out the knitting, not once on the 20 plus hour journey. Instead I watched a stack of movies, which was enjoyable and killed a lot of time.

My socks are finally finished and I’m very happy with them. I’ve just received a shipping notice for the next installment of the Cookie A club. Looks like I can manage to knit one pair of socks per package, and bake one batch of cookies, I’m ok with that!


Oh what fun!


I’ve knit my very first Vesper Sock Club sock, singular. I really had fun knitting this and now I get to do it all again when I cast on my second sock, which is right now.

I’m really pleased about how the solid cuff, heel and looks so much so I’m considering doing this with the other stripy sock yarns I have.

Speaking of sock clubs, I almost had a moment of insanity this morning. The Blue Moon Fiber Arts sock club memberships went on sale today. After much pondering, I decided I couldn’t possibly join another club this year, no matter how much I love sock yarn. There are limits you know!

The Still Light along has indeed begun… I wonder where Louisa is up to?