I was able to gather up some Richmond Knitters at the last minute for a bit of a Crafternoon at my place yesterday.

The crafternoon had all the ingredients for a successful afternoon:


There was cake. I made this, despite it’s disastrous appearance, by all accounts it was delicious. It’s the first cake I’ve made in a really long time. Damian helped me separate the eggs, I had a bit of trouble with that…

There were babies:





There was a yarn shelf, some excellent knitters, a spinner, a destash (mine, yippee!) and some funny conversation.



I can’t wait to do it all again.

Shopping the Stash

You know it was inevitable. I don’t think any of you would be surprised. But it is the start of the year, where silly things like diets and such begin.

If you’ve looked at my stash over on Ravelry, you will know that this is not any great sacrifice. Yarn diet sounds a little too harsh and not quite as apt as ‘Shopping the Stash’. I think my problems issues with yarn stem from the high I get from whenever I buy the stuff and I can’t knit it fast enough. That is the only way I can explain it.

Of course, there will be provisions for the Bendigo Show, and if I don’t happen to have yarn that I need to buy for a project for nephew or a niece, well then I’m going to do it.

And I also joined Stranded in Oz’s yarn club this year (I’m so excited!), with 6 installments…

So you see, it really isn’t a yarn diet at all…

I’m going to stay away from online yarn updates and visit yarn stores without absolute requirement (I might need needles you know). I’m not giving myself a timeframe, I’m just starting now. But I’m expecting late Christmas yarn to be sitting on my desk when I get back to work.

Starting now!

Bad Cat

I get really bored talking about Still Light, so I figure you must be bored hearing about it. All I’ll say is, it has been placed on hold yet again (with just 2 sleeves to go). My niece’s first birthday is coming up in less than 3 weeks and I wanted to make her something and I didn’t want to chance not getting it done in time if I. didn’t. stop. knitting. Still. Light.

Fast forward to this morning. Damian left for work hours before me. I wake to find this on my living room floor. 


Oh crap I thought. She’s got a taste for it. She’s somehow managed to find the left-over Cleckheaton Country Wide I made the Latte Baby Hoody with. Oh she must have got into my basket. Never mind I thought. No harm done. I’m beginning to sound like ‘those’ cat people that blame themselves for their cats destroying their knitting. Sadly, I’m beginning to see it from their perspective. 

So off to work I go, with the yarn safely shoved into the kitchen bin. At some point I unconsciously consider, ‘gee that was a lot of left-over yarn she got a hold of’. Way more than I thought I had… after all, I didn’t have enough to even make a ‘baby’ pocket on the jacket as I’d hoped. I pushed the thought out of my head.

Tonight I arrive home. I begin peeling the potatoes in prep for the delicious meal my husband is going to cook. I casually gaze at my yarn shelf and for no reason at all I see this:


This is where I freak out.

Ok. This ball of yarn is from my new ‘niece’ project. It has been placed up high on this shelf by Damian. Ok… so if that’s up there, then where is the rest of my yarn and project bag? It’s missing. I search high and low. I finally find my bag still relatively tied up in Purl’s TUNNEL @#$%%^&*

I carefully untie my project bag and then I hold my breath for the safe return of my knitting project. (At this point I think Purl walks sideways out of the room). Thankfully the project is intact. I go to the bin and yank out the red yarn. It is not the Cleckheaton Country Wide wool, I’d originally thought. It is the Jo Sharp DK wool, which is the monsters mouth in my niece’s project. Woe. Oh. Oh well. At least I’ve already done the mouth, nevermind I wanted to use it for stripes as well. There I go again sounding like one of those cat people.

The project is Das Monster. Toddler monster pants! I love them and have wanted to knit them forever. If there’s time, I’ll make my niece a cardigan too.

Lessons learned:

Purl cannot be trusted. Ever.

She has a taste for yarn with some grit. The Rowan yarn sits unharmed in baskets totally at her reach.

Purl loves yarn, just like me.




The Latte Baby Hoody



This week I’ve worked solidly on this baby hoody for a co-worker. It’s missing some buttons, but I hope to rectify that in the next couple of days. So far, I’m thrilled with the result! The pattern was well-written and clever, not a seam in sight. The knitting began at the very top of the hood section using Judy’s Magic cast-on… clever huh?



… and do you recognise the yarn?



The yarn was left-over from making my Silvi Coat, Cleckheaton Country Wide. I managed to locate a little over 5 balls. I was rapt to have put them to good use, but I wish I had just one more ball. I had to skimp on 2 rows in the woven band and I had to forego a pocket. Boo hoo. But alas I don’t think it’s a major tragedy.

Now back to Still-light… still going. It’s times like these I wish I had a magic wand.

I was bored


I’ve cast on another project.

I needed to.

Reasons why:
Plain and Simple top: stocking stitch
Vesper socks: stocking stitch
Still Light tunic: stocking stitch

I know you’ll understand.

Whilst I was pondering that other sock club yesterday, I came across a sock designer I hadn’t seen before, and was immediately attracted to a couple of her patterns. The designer’s name is Star Athena (I’m sure she’s an astrologist?!) and the socks that said ‘knit me, I’m yours’ was Anna Jarvis socks. Cute huh?

Sunday arvo, I wound up some sock yarn Ursula dyed for me. I was her first real order, and I’m claiming it when she’s rich and famous. Hurry up and open an etsy store already!

Don’t get me wrong, I love a bit of mindless knitting, but it seems I have piles of it and needed a break. I feel happy and content that I’ve liberated my knitting. Spontaneous cast on is fun, I’ll face the consequences later…


Oh what fun!


I’ve knit my very first Vesper Sock Club sock, singular. I really had fun knitting this and now I get to do it all again when I cast on my second sock, which is right now.

I’m really pleased about how the solid cuff, heel and looks so much so I’m considering doing this with the other stripy sock yarns I have.

Speaking of sock clubs, I almost had a moment of insanity this morning. The Blue Moon Fiber Arts sock club memberships went on sale today. After much pondering, I decided I couldn’t possibly join another club this year, no matter how much I love sock yarn. There are limits you know!

The Still Light along has indeed begun… I wonder where Louisa is up to?


Happy New Year

Screen shot 2013-01-01 at 7.44.28 AMThere is something magical about beginning a new year. It can be a time for reflection and a time for some goal setting. Let me share my Knitting reflections and resolutions with you.

The Knitting Reflections part

I knit 17 things last year (not counting ‘group projects’).

7 of the ‘things’ were knit for other people. Granted they were mostly baby items; I’m happy I was more ‘giving’ this year and didn’t realise that.

I knit 3 garments for myself and only one of them doesn’t fit me (for now).

I knit 4 pairs of socks, 2 were knee-high, with one being 8 plyish in hand-spun. I knit only one other thing with my hand spun right at the end of last year (my scowl: shawl/cowl), which I’m unfortunately less than pleased with, just too many colours around my neck… if the gift-box concept worked for me, it would find itself there. But how can someone love, what I don’t?

I knit for Marilyn lots, and I loved every minute of it.

The Resolutions part

I don’t really set myself strict goals, more like a direction. If I don’t get there, I figure I probably didn’t want to go that way anyway. I want to spin more, knit more, blog more and knit more socks.

Spin more: I’m at capacity with my fibre (stop laughing) and I need to make room for the Bendigo Sheep Show, it’s only 6 months away you know. I’d also like to knit more with my handspun, because it still amazes me that I can make it.

Knit more: Well I’ve always want to knit more (with friends like Sharon), but I’m trying something different. I’m going to knit more projects at once, knit at a whim, knit fearlessly. Therefore improving my knitting mojo overall by not being stuck knitting one thing for 3 months (knee-high socks I’m looking at you).

Blog more: I enjoy reading the blogs of my friends and other knitters and spinners. I do feel like I’ve let the team down a bit this year by not blogging as regularly. I would be sad if my bloggers stopped blogging, I would have nothing to read! I was pretty chuffed at having 1,700 views to my blog last year, until I found Damian had more views than me!

Knit more socks: I’ve joined the Cookie A sock club for this year, so I’ll be knitting along socks with hundreds of people all over the world. I also plan to continue with the Vesper sock club too. I’m a little addicted to stripy socks. There were a number of sock fatalities last year, so the few socks I made really only replace the sock count.

I don’t know about you, but it’s the new year and I have Still Light to cast-on.

Yarn high

Something unexpected happened last night. I bought yarn. Now most of you won’t believe me when I say I had no intention to buy three skeins of wollmeise in ‘heavy metal’. But really it’s true.

I plan to make a very wearable work cardigan from it, more than likely it will be by Veera, and most probably it will be Slow Line .

Hence, I have to get ‘Folded’ knit, before it arrives, I estimate a week and a half… Then the guilt of buying more wm will have subsided. The stars were aligned last night, it was meant to be, and I let it happen.

In my defence:
I didn’t know when the update was on, I just happen to be in the right place at the right time.

I wasn’t even logged in when the screen went grey.

I had forgotten my password (it’s been that long), finally after 3 goes I was in.

I dwelled on the array of greys I had to choose from, clicking on photos on the overloaded wm site to decide. Crazy right? Asking for trouble

I made it to checkout… After all that!

This yarn was meant to be mine.

Here’s a peek at Folded’s progress, finally I think I’m excited about knitting it again.

Happy long weekend all!