One more sleep!


One more sleep until it is  Craft Sessions weekend, boy am I excited! Sign-up was so long ago, but wow how time has flown!

I’ve crammed in my homework in the last week, as you do.

• I’ve knitted a 25cm (squarish, not really square) stocking stitch swatch for my Darning class with Jules a.k.a. Wollenflower; one guess what I’ll be doing with that swatch?! I’m also going to take along some socks that need darning, no moth holes here, just good-old fashioned wear and tear.

• I had to swatch for Georgie Hallam’s class The Beauty of Circular Yokes, I’ve selected my yarn and swatched on Monday night at the Richmond Knitter’s knit night.


The class project is to knit a baby circular yoked cardigan, just the thing for a niece that is due to arrive at any minute.

• My 3rd class is with Jules, where I’ll learn how to knit for Speed and Comfort. Because we all need to know how to knit faster… I didn’t need to do any homework for this class!

Now I just need to pack and decide what projects to take with me outside class hours. Do I take my spinning wheel? Or is 4 WIPs enough?

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