Wednesday WIPs – Niece cuddles

I’ve met my newest, latest, freshest niece!DSC_7236

And I’m already pretty in love with her.DSC_7241

I’m sure she’s going to love me too…

One day, but maybe not today. IMG_1771

I’m playing catch-up with my Cookie A sock club socks, if I can just get these ones finished tonight…

Then I’ll just have these to do before my next parcel arrives in about 2 weeks…
IMG_1773That’s do-able right?

I’ve been listening to How to Kill a Mocking Bird read by Sissy Spacek. I’m enjoying it very much, no spoilers please, I don’t know how it ends…  I hope it’s happy.

3 thoughts on “Wednesday WIPs – Niece cuddles

  1. Good luck with that book. Didn’t they do any english lit at your lalor school? Or were they too busy teaching you how to make shanks out of toothbrushes? I think everyone else my age did it at school. Man, I am old…

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