Wednesday WIPS and a Baby FO

Today I was going to talk to you about the six pairs of socks I darned last weekend…


It took quite some time…


And I began to realise why I’m a knitter and not a sewer.


Because knitting is so much funner. (Can you see the knitting-in nylon holding it together?!)


But then after a day and a half of darning… it was like I made 6 pairs of hand knit socks, I guess that was time well spent.IMG_1759

But more excitingly I have to tell you my niece arrived today. I got to the point where I thought she was never going to arrive!


Just in time to sew on 2 teeny tiny buttons on to the  Joey cardigan, then a wee visit and a cuddle with my 9th niece / nephew.

I’m pretty excited about that, and I didn’t even have to do anything!


4 thoughts on “Wednesday WIPS and a Baby FO

  1. Congrats! Looks like your niece will be very warm.
    I’ve never heard of darning before and it’s fascinating! And you’ve done such a neat job.

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