Tulip cardigan

Today was Marilyn’s 2nd birthday party. But more importantly, I got to hand over the stripy cardigan I knit for her. It was a great relief to me once my sister dressed her in it. I think it looks great on her and I’m so glad I persevered and ripped out all the ugly colours.





Is it really only 3 weeks to the Bendigo Show?

In my blog post about Tarndie last week, I failed to mention the stash enhancement that occurred over the duration of the weekend. It didn’t help that I went away with a bunch of ‘enablers’. On top of having the onsite wool store, Janet had also brought along lots of great sock yarns from a store that was/has closed down. All of these acquisitions have been added to my Ravelry page in the interests of full disclosure (to myself), my wool shelf is now more than ever, bursting at the seams. Oh what fun! Luckily the recent destashing of unloved yarn has provided me with some room under the bed. How convenient.


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