I have been promising myself to knit a colleague some fingerless mitts for at least a year now, or at least since last winter. You see, she lives a fair way out, and it’s much colder out there. This is all the inspiration a knitter needs to spring to action.

They were super quick to whip up, but as I was knitting, I was getting mitt envy, from myself and from Damian. Yes, Damian wants another pair of mitts with half fingers. Oh and they have to be hand-spun. It’s a good thing they are speedy, because I absolutely hate having to sew up all the gaps between the fingers. I could do without that.

Back to knitting, this long-weekend isn’t over yet.


One thought on “Accomplishment

  1. I’ve just finished a pair of fingerless mitts for my mother, also black, but in angora/silk. I’m hoping they get to her before the end of winter. Swiss postal system. Grrrrr.

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