Long Weekend Plans

This long weekend has been long anticipated, well ever since the last long weekend. Sadly in Victoria, there won’t be another public holiday until Cup Day in November and then it’s only a long weekend if you take the Monday off.

I finished knitting my Minestrone socks for the Stranded in Oz sock club on Thursday night. It’s kind of a modified version. I had little patience with the twisted stitches, so I kind of gave up on them after the first 2 repeats. Nevertheless I’m still happy with them; they don’t look as awesome as they would have looked had I persisted, but I’m glad I switched course. I knit for fun dammit!


The Little Dipper Yarns KAL began this week, so I’ll be casting-on for my first colour affection at some point this weekend. But before I do that I’m hoping to pump out some fingerless gloves for an appreciative work colleague. I could get them done in a day right? I also need to cast-on for Marilyn’s Tulip cardigan, knit a hot-water bottle cover for me (because everyone has made one lately). Cast-on my honey cowl, because I’m dying for another cowl accessory to wear to work and I’m generally cold. Cold I am, thankfully the heating at home has been repaired.

So if you need me, I’ll be knitting.

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