After what felt like a productive week last week, this week wasn’t so much.

I have almost completed Marilyn’s next cardigan, Tulip, and I’m not sure how I feel about it. I was excited about this project in the beginning but now I’m not so. As someone who is working through her stash, or at least trying to keep her head above water, I try to use ‘stash yarn’ as much as possible; particularly when it comes to kids knits… let’s be honest they grow out of them much too quickly to outlay money for ‘nice’ yarn. But ‘nice’ yarn from stash is FREE ha ha.

So I cast-on Tulip in some Patons Merino Deluxe last weekend, and I thought I would use lots of different colours from the range in my stash, using small amounts of colour is not going to compromise quantities for future large projects (famous last words).

After a few days of knitting and then arriving home from Knit night on Monday night, I stood back and took stock of my project sitting on my knitting chair. A feeling of dread began to filter in. I think I’ve used too many dull colours, this is meant to be a fun, girly cardigan. It was starting to look seriously bad. I decided to leave out the project and come at it with fresh eyes on Tuesday morning… by Tuesday evening I hadn’t changed my mind on the direction of the colours. So I pulled out about 2 hours of knitting. Knowing how often I would be seeing Marilyn wearing this cardigan, I couldn’t stand the thought.


So I ripped it out, not all the way, I felt I had to remove the dirty green and gray colours; then maybe, maybe it would be ok.

I don’t think I’ve ever ripped out ‘perfectly good’ knitting before. But colour is SO important. Why make something you don’t love? I’m happier with it now, but the colours still don’t feel perfect to me. I’ve seen too many beautiful rainbow coloured Tulip cardigans, to be less critical of my own efforts.


I’m just finishing off the applied i-cord tie around the neckline, then I’m in sleeve-land, I’m hoping I’ll feel more than MEH for the cardigan once it’s completed.

I’m participating in the Little Dipper Yarns KAL so hopefully there will be a cast-on at knit nite tomorrow night, I’m so behind!

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