Handknitters Guild Expo 2014

Yesterday I attended the annual event The Handknitters Fair at Coburg Town Hall. I was flanked by several other knitters so the mood to buy, buy, buy was pretty huge. What I wasn’t expecting was to go ‘Kablouee’. 

The highly anticipated Little Dipper Yarns market launch lived up to my expectations and then some. I zeroed in on Ursula’s store upon arrival. Abet I wasn’t there on the dot of the 10am opening time, but I was there before Sharon

Taking in all the beautiful colours was a sight to be seen, sorry I didn’t snap any photos, there was no time to lose. I walked away with 5 skeins from Little Dipper Yarns, 2 were Orion (100% BFL superwash), 3 were Bootes (BFL/Nylon superwash). It could have been worse, I could have walked away with one of every colour. Despite arriving just as I was paying, Sharon still managed to ‘out-do’ me, I was rather impressed, but then again she hasn’t bought any yarn for 9 months! p.s. my new favourite yarn is Orion, truly beautiful yarn, although I don’t know why I’m telling you, because I want it all.

I then reluctantly left and made a lap of the hall. It felt a lot more spacious than the previous venue, less elbowing going on. More room for the yarn fumes to flutter.

I then discovered a new dyer to me: Dyed by Hand Yarns, and the lovely woman herself Julie. There was much gushing at her store and I walked away with 3 beautiful skeins of 4 ply yarn, one was an excellent gradient yarn. I can’t believe no one from the Richmond Knitters has told me about her, it seems they all bought yarn from Julie at the Bendigo Show last year. But this year…

It seems a Little Dipper Yarns KAL is in order, and I plan to make my first ‘Colour Affection’ Shawl. But what colours to choose? Please vote and help me decide.



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