It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas


This will be Purl’s first Christmas with us. She is a little intrigued by all the paper wrapping and the boxes and all the new things to sniff out. I tried, oh how I tried to get the perfect ‘Christmas Cat photo’ and then have it printed onto cards and sent out this year. But I failed at the blocks, trying to stick a santa hat or some reindeer ears on Purl was a lot harder than I originally anticipated. Luckily Purl’s aunt (yes she has a real cat aunt) came to the rescue with this fabulous ‘Christmas’ collar. I think it sets off her whiskers quite nicely, don’t you? Butter wouldn’t melt in this cat’s mouth. She’s been naughty Santa, don’t believe that innocent, sweet face!

I had finished knitting my Romi ‘Jeanne’s cowl’ and my 15 stripe rainbow socks (need to take some photos) last week, and I was left without any knitting on my needles for almost 24 hours, it’s not often that happens. I remedied that by casting on ‘Featherweight’ by Hannah Fettig. I’m using Patonyle 4ply in Charcoal, I can only imagine just how much wear I’m going to get out of this cardigan. The gauge is 24 sts to 10cm, so it couldn’t possibly take me too long, right?

Wishing you all the very best for your Christmas Day, I hope it’s relaxing and joyous and Santa brings you lots of wool.

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