New beginnings

I have very little of a queue left on Ravelry, go on, I dare you to look…

Less than a page of long-wanted FO’s for me, is far less a burden than 22 pages x 30 queued items to knit. I suddenly feel light.

There wasn’t an easy way to diminish this list, I checked for help in the forums, and as far as I’m aware there isn’t that functionality. Removing 650+ projects took 2 keystrokes per queued pattern. I was determined. I was also watching TV.

The idea of letting go of this list, my must-have-in-my-lifetime list, was a little easier to bear by ‘favouriting’ projects I didn’t want to forget about. Surprisingly, I was able to let go completely of much more than I expected. I also re-found some wonderful things I had forgotten about, those were the the things I favourited or kept in the queue.

Ironically, I fear the same could be said of my yarn stash if I thought of  it as a burden, which I can tell you, I do not!

Romi Hill has released the first official pattern in her 7 small shawls year 4 today, I had a feeling it was coming, I’m currently finishing up the ‘free’ cowl which was the first pattern released. I’m knitting it in my hand-spun and I must say I’m loving it. I’m not sure that i’ll cast on this shawl straight away, it has beads so I kind of want to watch my ‘Knitting with Beads’ Craftsy class before I begin (a gift from Santa, so I can’t start yet).

I’ve also received the final instalment of the Cookie A sock club last week. I’m really pleased with the final package, and I hope to knit with at least one of the patterns some time in the future.


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