Christmas 2013

I had a lovely Christmas Day, I hope you did as well.

Purl was spoiled by Santa (hint: I wasn’t Santa), and my 2 younger sisters (I was very touched they’d thought of her). Anyone would have thought 4 connecting tunnels in the hallway would be enough for any one cat, but clearly Santa thought differently and she now has 2 more in the living room. Purl also received mice, balls and this sweet personalised collar. For the record I didn’t purchase any of these things.


I gave Purl a hand at opening her gifts (it only took a rustle of some paper for her to come over)


I also got some cat themed gifts…


And some Cat pj’s from Peter Alexander. Looks like I’m beginning to be ‘easier’ to buy for, I even got yarn from my in-laws for KK!

The biggest surprise of all day was a gift from my youngest sister…

{scroll down}

{scroll down}

{scroll down}

{scroll down}

{scroll down}

{scroll down}

{scroll down}

{scroll down}

{scroll down}

{scroll down}


I got a new wheel!!! By the looks of it (and I’ve had a tinker already), it just needs a drive and brake band, a couple more bobbins and I’m in business! I was truly shocked and a little scared… this is my third wheel, could this be the beginning of my wheel collection? It wasn’t a collection until yesterday.

Under the tree was also some Twin Wollmeise in WD colour ways, because it’s not Christmas without Wollmeise…


Happy Holidays all 🙂

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