Holding out

I’ve been holding out.

No yarn purchasing. No fibre purchasing. Knitting on just one project. And the heater repair man has not been organised. I’m doing it rough. On the up side, I’m wearing woollens inside the house. More opportunities to wear wool is a very good thing.

Poor Purl, she’s more afraid of the vacuum cleaner than I am. It’s like I’m using up one of her lives every time I pull it out (don’t worry it’s not every week). I’m hoping she’ll get used to it soon, I have no idea where her new hiding place in the living room is. I’m terrified she squeezed herself into an especially tight place. Only a ‘treat’ coaxed her out.

Still Light is still going… I’m almost at the division of the pockets. This excites me as it will mean significantly less stitches to knit in the round very soon.

I had a great birthday, spending the day with my husband. No official yarny gifts this year, the first time since I began knitting seriously. But then NY did just happen…

These arrived at work, the day before my birthday. The biggest surprise of all. Yep, my husband still has it.


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