Photo proof

I went away this weekend, with my ‘other’ group of girlfriends. Of course each group of girlfriends are the ‘other’ group. It is very funny, and I like to joke about it, but whenever I spend time with my friends, each of them, I think how lucky I am to call them friends.

Once again we went to Daylesford, spa country. But this time we selected a different house to our usual as the house has gotten more popular and more difficult to book at a moments notice.

I had to take photos of this house, so that you would believe me. Karen described it as an MC Escher drawing! Stairs, random steps, nooks and crannies, she wasn’t far wrong.

From the outside, it looks like a regular Daylesford home…


Inside was another story…




I got heaps of knitting done! I took 3 projects and only knit on one. Still Light has progressed!

Much eating was done, lots of chatting and a ton of laughter. I even had time for a relaxation massage. I can’t wait to do it again.

One thought on “Photo proof

  1. Ah, funny! That is one of the houses we used for our knit camp a couple of years ago! It really is like an Escher, isn’t it? Glad you had as nice a time as we did there 🙂

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