It’s not a birthday, until there is cake


My birthday celebrations have reached their conclusion today, with cake. Most years I’ve manage to stretch out the festivities for the month of April, but I’m happy to call it done this year with a visit from my siblings and kids this arvo.

Sadly the excitement of my siblings and kids scared the bejesus out of Purl who relegated herself to under my bed for the duration. But not before everyone commented on how fluffy Purl’s tail is. We don’t normally have a truck load of visitors at once, she’s not used to socialising yet. Do you think Purl’s tail is really big and fluffy?!

I know I should be knitting on Still Light… I know I really should be, seeing Louisa is once again back in front! (and it’s going really well). But, babies don’t wait. Yesterday I cast on ‘Latte’ a sophisticated baby hoody for a colleague at work. Of course she’s in her final weeks at work, and I finally cast-on, it’s not like I didn’t have an notice or anything. Never fear, it’s chunky 12 ply plus. It’s nearly done…

I’m calling this year the Year of Babies, just saying. I see a lot of fun baby knits this year 😉


3 thoughts on “It’s not a birthday, until there is cake

  1. wow – snap… I just got an invite to a baby shower next Saturday and was thinking I might need to knit up a ‘snug’ by then… looks like the ‘still light’s are on hold 🙂

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