It’s good to be home and back down to earth, the jet-lag got me this week and indeed is still kicking my butt.

The yarn shopping has been unpacked and packed into and around the yarn shelf. Yep, I can’t ignore it any longer, I need to go on a yarn diet, or as I prefer to say, shop the stash. I honestly believe my yarn stash is the best yarn store a girl can have. It only has awesome yarn in it.

I think Purl is happy to have us home as well. She was a few kilos heavier when we got back, but I think she’s already worked it off. As my MIL said, she’s not going to be a big cat. She must have force fed her?! Her whole bag of treats are gone…

I was so exhausted on the flight back, I didnt even pull out the knitting, not once on the 20 plus hour journey. Instead I watched a stack of movies, which was enjoyable and killed a lot of time.

My socks are finally finished and I’m very happy with them. I’ve just received a shipping notice for the next installment of the Cookie A club. Looks like I can manage to knit one pair of socks per package, and bake one batch of cookies, I’m ok with that!


3 thoughts on “A FO

  1. I think you’ll have a fantastic stash to shop for quite a while! The socks are beautiful and I love the blue/green colours, of course.

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