Day 12 Art and Museums


Today is our last full day in New York. It’s kind of sad to be leaving, and I’m also dreading the flight home which doesn’t really help.

I have my toes crossed I’ll have cast off my Cookie socks before the flight, but if worse comes to worst, I will just finish them on the flight, watch movies and try to sleep.

Today I took Damian to the Met museum of art. Up until this morning, I don’t think Damian got that it was as much a museum than an actual art gallery. Apparently I didn’t do a very good sell job on it to him and he almost missed out! He loved it and I got to see some Egyptian mummies that I didn’t see the first time. It was a museum that we both enjoyed.

We then headed back to the Guggenheim, I wasn’t going to miss out. It wasn’t going to be an ‘Ettamogah pub’ * experience all over again. I had to see the inside too, for it to count. The building itself is magnificent, unfortunately the current exhibition didn’t thrill me, or Damian. But that was fine, it was over pretty quickly and I could tick it off my list.

* on grade 5 camp (so we’re talking a long time ago), the teachers took us to the Ettamogah pub, a pub in the middle of nowhere on the way to NSW because it was built on a slant (Damian says they just wanted a beer). They took groups of us up to the top balcony to see how dizzy we would feel. I managed to be standing in the wrong spot and missed out on this little experience. Of course I was gutted, I was a kid. Years later Damian took me back and took me upstairs to this pub, to see that there really was no fuss. I also don’t like missing out on things.

Tonight we’re having our last hurrah at The Gentleman Farmer. A lovely French restaurant we ate at earlier in the week. Some red wine will be drunk.

See you on the other side.


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