Day 11 Inspiration


Today I visited the MoMA, whilst Damian went off to the Intrepid air and space museum.

I loved the Moma. I saw and breathed in the same air of the best modern art. My uni art history lecturer would have been proud (and wondered what took me so long). Modern art has always caught my imagination over all other periods of art. Whilst the MoMA isn’t anywhere near as large as the Met, it is by far my favourite museum.

I thought I’d go to the Guggenheim next. It turns out it’s closed on Thursdays. That was a real bummer. I may go back tomorrow if there’s time.

I then met up with Damian at the Rockefeller centre for a late lunch and I showed him some of the gems I was shown on the art and architecture tour.

I managed to find the earmuffs people wear around here at a street vendor. $4 bargain! I’m looking forward to wearing these in Melbourne.

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