Word of mouth

Word of mouth can be a very powerful thing. It is the purest form of advertising and the most honest.

This week I used word of mouth, so that I wouldn’t buy fibre… It sounds quite evil but I assure you, I was quite capable of buying this fibre on my own. but I didn’t, because I hadn’t, I had let this fibre sit in this online store for weeks and weeks, knowing full well it was the last of it… and when a friend asked me for a recommendation, I sent her the way of the fibre. That’s what friends do. Although I didn’t tell her about it intially…

Now that my friend has been and gone from the store, I could go back and get the couple of tops that I’ve been thinking about that she hadn’t purchased!

I want to use word-of-mouth here again today. For the same reasons as above, so I don’t buy all the fibre! My friend Melanie who’s passion for fibre extends beyond my ‘oh that’s pretty’ knowledge, has recently started blending fibre using hackle combs and what not. She has started selling some fibre from her blog, here’s where you come in. I need you to start reading her blog, preferably before me, so I don’t buy all the pretty. It’s too late for Raspberry Milkshake, how could I walk away from that?!

I’ve begun spinning another batch of Melanie’s blended fibre, and what can I say… little clouds of joy 🙂

I love getting recommendations from friends about fabulous fibre and stripey sock yarn (more on that next time), feel free to leave a comment if you have any sources you’re willing to share, so I can help you to not to buy it all…

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