Stripy stripy

I know I’m not alone in my love of stripes. Stripes when translated in yarn = fun!  Stripes and socks = the bees knees; that is probably why I have so many skeins of stripy sock yarn, the epiphany of mindless knitting.

Here’s a few balls from my stash.

After I’d taken the photo, I could see another 5 balls just staring at me.

I joined the Vesper Sock Club recently. This is a hand painted stripy sock club. It’s been quite a bit of fun to receive ‘surprise’ stripy sock yarn in the mail and the Hershey Kisses are a nice little bonus.

During the Morris & Sons sale last year I picked up a bag of 5 Patonyle striped balls. I thought a-ha, I can make super long socks with this! Well it has taken quite some time to knit two very long socks, it’s almost a 4ply sweater’s worth of knitting! I’m almost there, just. I felt the knitting mojo die right before the first sock was even finished. But, I kept going and now all of a sudden I’m about to commence the rib cuff section on my second sock!

The ribbed section at the top, is going to scrunch up around my knee, I don’t have super skinny thighs! I haven’t decided what to do with the remaining 3 balls. I could destash… but I actually really like this colourway and I love Patonyle, so it may just marinade in the stash for a while.

2 thoughts on “Stripy stripy

  1. Stripes really are the best. I keep feeling like I should kick my stripe habit, since I don’t always feel in the mood to wear them, but I just love knitting stripes too much to quit.

    Your socks look awesome; wish I could pull off socks that long, because I’ll bet they look amazing when you’re done!

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