Marilyn and knitwear

When I see Marilyn at the moment, my sister has been dressing her in either the pink hoody or the yoda sweater I made for her. Normally I think Marilyn looks quite cosy in those pieces of attire, to the point where I think she’s actually enjoying being dressed in wool! I don’t think I’m imagining it, nor do I think I’m imagining the fact that she knows I’ve made these things for her…

Last week I mailed her an ‘umbilical cord hat’, my ‘go-to’ hat for babies (they just look so cute in them). I wasn’t sure that the hat fit by the phone photo that was taken and sent through to me. Yesterday I saw first hand that the hat in fact does actually fit… but then… poor Marilyn really wanted that hat OFF. Obviously not being able to express this, she shook her head quite vigorously, (my sisters weren’t really aware what was going on). I came to her rescue and pulled the hat off and all of a sudden she stopped shaking her head and looked quite relieved. It was very funny.

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