Wednesday WIPs – Stuff and stuff

I took my knitting on a mini break over the weekend.IMG_1234

It wasn’t far, but the change of scenery and no house chores, made it an excellent escape.


I took three WIPs but as per usual, I only worked on one.


As well as that, it’s been a pretty amazing mail week for me.


I got a skein of Fab Funky Fibres, and a couple of mini skeins. (My excuse for buying yarn this time around, was that it was a tiny bonus from work, so it was FREE money).


I also received my second last Cookie A sock club, someone at knit night described it as Latté. I’m not sure I love the colour, but the skein itself feels amazing.


And Kate Davies Seven Skeins club arrived! It is tremendously exciting, I’m not sure whether to cake up my yarn yet, or wait for the release of the first pattern on Friday. I think I’ll just look at it for now. The race is definitely on to keep up with Sharon.


My UIOLI Shingle project is finished! It needs a good bath before wearing it. I’m pretty contented with it. The only downside is that about half the yarn still remains…

My bingo game is a lot harder than it first seemed. For instance, I’ve totally screwed up with the square that say’s ‘NO NEW YARN’. I might need to revise my Bingo card next month…


3 thoughts on “Wednesday WIPs – Stuff and stuff

  1. Good for you you managed to get your hands on Kate Davies 7 skeins club, when I was ready to buy it, it was all sold out!!!!! 🙂 Have a great time knitting with all this beautiful yarn!

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