Wednesday WIPS – Bingo continues

Whilst I was binge knitting my ‘Shingle’ cropped cardigan on the weekend, I couldn’t help but want to work out what to do with ‘the wedding blanket’ project.

This one:


It is another Use It Or Lose It project. 10 balls of Bendigo Woollen Mills (discontinued) Harmony yarn. It was always meant to be our wedding blanket. It kind of feels like a bad omen to just toss it out. It’s good yarn, it’s just all white, impractical white. Besides we have a new wedding blanket now, you know the crochet hexagon one, the one that’s almost finished. Bright and colourful and big. How much use am I really going to get out of a big white blanket anyway? How much pain is it going to cause me to knit it?

So whilst I was binge knitting my blingy cardigan, I pondered. Then I thought about things like this:

Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 9.07.30 am

The Rainbow Dress by my favourite kids designer, Georgie Hallam.

And I thought about this:



And how I could dye my own.

I got out my Addi Express machine and cranked out a blank out of a ball of the BWM Harmony, in fact I ripped out the blanket I had begun and used that.


Now I just need some dyes. What shall a do? An Elsa (from Frozen) dress, A watermelon gradient or just a good old fashioned rainbow?


If this is a success, I can dye and knit more fun garments for ALL of my nieces… if not, it’s back to square one.

4 thoughts on “Wednesday WIPS – Bingo continues

  1. Does this mean our marriage is also going to be ripped out too? How could you do that to the dream that was our wedding blanky… #SMH

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