In full Bloom

I finished knitting my niece M’s Bloom dress right before my trip to California. Normally, I feel compelled to hand-over new knits as soon as they’re off the needles, but it wasn’t possible in this case.

So I’ve been basking in the glory of Finished Object happiness with the delayed ‘squees’ laying in wait. Once home from SF, I didn’t waste any time and saw my sister’s children last weekend.

But alas the squees were delayed a little longer… 2.5 year old niece flat-out refused to put the dress on! Luckily I had prepared myself for this day, but I didn’t know it would happen so soon…

Naturally my sister was panicked, but I told her not to force the issue. Little M has that stubborn streak that Aunty Sonia has and there were not going to be any winners here today. Well at least not until later that day when M had a long sleep at home… and then…





She wouldn’t stand up for her photo (baby steps), but by all accounts LOVES the dress.

Niece C, had no such issues posing. Crisis averted.


011Now to make something for my nephew before Winter gets here.


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